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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Snake in the Grassroots of the Tea Party

I have warned those in the Freedom Movement about Patriot Pied Pipers trying to infiltrate, subvert and destroy the National Tea Party. On a national level, I warned about Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and even Wikileaks. Well now I see they have even burrowed into the local grassroots of the Tea Party. I had a very interesting email exchange with the head of a pretty popular Tea Party site yesterday.

Not this "Mr. T Party"

A couple of things hit me during this exchange. The first thing is that this guy was thoroughly indoctrinated exactly like I was 15 years ago. (We will call him “Mr.TeaParty,” since he has a really cool disclaimer for privacy on all of his emails and I am sure he would not want me to out him or his efforts which you will see why below.) He had all of the Reagan worship, the spouting conservative talking points without any real thinking or debate and he ignored all of the facts that did not support his paradigm.

I felt like I was talking to my younger self, because no one could defeat me in a debate. I knew it ALL. I was in the leadership of the second largest college Republicans, I went to CPAC twice, I banged signs against long shore men, I went to Rush Limbaugh’s show three times and even got my two books signed. Like I said, thoroughly indoctrinated.

I believed in the Republican song and dance up until 2005, when for the first time in my life, the Republicans had no more excuses. They had full control of the government and they did nothing to reign in the size or scope of government. They made it worse, they increased the debt, the intrusion of government and even created another trillion dollar Medicare program. It was then when I woke up to see that it is all a big game to fool us. As a result, I knew what this guy was going to say before he said it.

Let’s start at the beginning. I had sent “Mr. TeaParty” my article, Idiot or Evil Genius?, which is about the dichotomy of how people look at both Bush and Obama, as either Idiots or Evil Geniuses. ”Mr. TeaParty” thanked me for the article and said that while I had some good points, I had failed to mention that Obama was spending money four times faster than Bush ever did. I knew at that point, that I had someone stuck in the Elite’s left right matrix.

I responded with…

“I would agree with you to a certain extent about Obama out spending Bush.

But the same argument could be made with Bush’s spending versus Clinton.

The truth of the matter is that more debt/money needs to be created in excess of the previous years debt and interest or the whole system collapses.

With that being said, when the next Republican sock puppet replaces the Obama sock puppet (in 2012), the debt will explode even further or the game is over.

This is a left, right march to tyranny.

As far as being “Evil,” in my opinion, he is an empty vessel that the truly evil elite pump their propaganda through.

“Mr.TeaParty” ignored my counter argument. He changed the subject from spending, inevitable debt failure and the sock puppets to something he felt more comfortable fighting about. (This is a classic tactic in disinfo and debate. When you are getting beat, switch the subject or if you are really desperate call someone a racist. Disclaimer: He did not call me any names.) He switched the topic to Reagan, saying that he was not tyrannical. (Did I mention a President from 30 years ago? I thought we were talking about now?) He said Reagan had cut taxes and de-regulated tyranny. The next line really struck me. He said that the Tea Party was about Reagan’s Conservatism and that I saw what happened in the last election and we will get another Reagan in the White House, Governor’s Mansion, Senate and Congress in the next election. Bingo!

I wrote a warning to the Tea Party movement in Beware of the Patriot Pied Pipers, about how the national Tea Party Movement would fail because they have no idea what they are up against. The same forces that infiltrated, subverted and destroyed the Democrats and Republicans, are working on the Tea Party now. (Read this article before you go any further.) He said I saw what happened last election and it was going to happen in the next election. All I saw last election was the Tea Party neutered and suckered back in to the Republican camp to keep this two-party game going on longer. I did not see a viable third party rise, bringing together the fiscal conservatism of the right, with the ending of the wars of the left. This exchange is a perfect example of why you need to Beware of the Patriot Pied Pipers.

The Reagan Revolution is NOT the American Revolution.

The establishment Republicans love bringing our Reagan to get us to reminisce about the good ole’ days. I love the man, he was by far the best guy we’ve had in office in my life time. Reagan was not an establishment candidate and was actually shunned by them until he was in office. In fact, Reagan was forced to take George “CIA, Voodoo Economics” Bush as his VP to shut up the establishment. The major flaw to Reagan’s legacy, is that it got us off on this never ending debt spiral and created a trillion dollar a year Military Industrial Complex, that occupies 777 bases all over the world.

The modern day Tea Party without a doubt has it roots in Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign. His innovative campaign broke fund raising records with out backdoor establishment politics. His use of the internet broke the Elite’s Main Stream Media stranglehold. Ron introduced himself a “Champion of the Constitution.” He answered questions not on what he felt, but what the Constitution said on the issue. In a age of sitting Republican President saying the the Constitution was “just a God damn piece of paper“, Ron’s founding father qualities were a breath of fresh air.

The Elite know if they can get enough to follow the new “Reagan,” there will be no room for the next “Thomas Jefferson,” or the next “Andrew Jackson.” This was evident at the the 2008 Republican debate at the Reagan Library. The establishment tried to use Reagan as way to over shadow the rising star, Ron Paul. (Have you noticed how Sarah “Kissinger’s Call Girl” Palin is invoking the spirit of Reagan so much recently?) I wanted to get him to show his cards, so I figured I would throw him a big piece of steak with a hook in it.

“One of my first memories as a 5 year old, was watching Reagan beat Carter.

I love this eloquent, intelligent and passionate man.

He was an anti-establishment candidate that rose above the party.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that even begins to come close to Reagan.

I would be interested in what you think about this article I wrote…

Beware of the Patriot Pied Pipers

He bit on my bait and said that I was the one that was “exposed.” (Exposed what?! This sounds like someone has a guilty conscience. Only someone who has an agenda to hide would pull that tactic.) He then moves to how Ron Paul was a non-interventionist and would legalize drugs. He went to go through all of the great things Reagan did when he fought the Communists. (Poor guy does not know that the Elite started, supported and funded the whole Communist movement. Nothing creates more debt and profits for the banking families as war. Hot or Cold Wars, it does not matter.) He again went on to say that the Tea Party is about Conservatism and not Libertarianism. Again, if the Elite can fool enough Tea Party people back into the left, right paradigm, then they will be successful. We will get what we have always gotten, the lesser of two evils.

I wrote back…

“I was just like you and I would not listen to the stuff I had to say either. I was in a leadership position of the second largest College Republican group at Boston College. I went to CPAC and even went to Rush Limbaugh’s television show three times. I can tell you that I spent many years unlearning to truly see how the world works and it is not the way we are told.

I am not here to argue with you or “expose” you, but I asked you to read an article and you came back with this. If you are not interested in learning what I learned, I understand. Like I said, I was just like you.

How much have we spent on the Drug War? Billions… Trillions… and what do we have to show for it?

When you outlaw anything market forces drive the price up because the demand may be lessened a bit but the supply is reduced. This benefits the criminals. I think that 80% or 90% of drug arrests are marijuana related. Why is marijuana illegal? Is it because it is deadly? No, it is illegal because drug companies don’t want free competition to their billion dollar drug business. It is illegal because it empowers the state to seize assets and intrude on people lives. It is illegal because it is profitable to the Elite.

Why has opium production in Afghanistan had record years of production, year after year with our troops walking by? (The only year opium production stopped was in 2001 with the Taliban.) The truth is a lot deeper than we are lead to believe.

What does 777 bases all over the world have to do the Constitution? It is imperialism plain and simple. This will end when we are broke and the dollar collapses. We spend more every year on military, than the rest of the world does combined. It is out of control and sucking us dry.

The great Marine General Smedley Butler proposed in this book, War is a Racket, that we could defend our shores by bringing all of our troops home and dismantling the majority of what we have. Our two oceans will protect us more than 8 carriers battle groups.

“Mr. TeaParty,” read through some of my articles and if you are not interested, I will not bother you again. If even something rings true, I will keep you on my mailing list and maybe something good will come out of this.

Please read Beware of Patriot Pied Pipers.

He came back and told me that my solutions lack any common sense and we parted on friendly terms. I think this was a good exercise in how the Elite operate. This relatively new site he runs, is a 501c3 with a big advertising budget and has already 100,000 hits a month. It is a real slick looking site with flags and bald eagle videos. The site is essentially keeping track of all of the local organizations and who to contact. I teach leaderless resistance in the Sons Of Liberty Academy. I believe that a decentralized individual action by many, is much more powerful and harder for the Elite to stop.

Be careful who you support. You may be supporting a guy whose website is selling you on…

• Limited federal government

• Individual freedoms

• Personal responsibility

• Free markets

• Returning political power to the states and the people

But as you can see from the exchange above, you might be supporting a guy that will give you

  • Expand the debt and police the world.

  • Enlarge the government power and intrusion.

  • Disregard personal responsibility through prohibition.

  • Control the markets through regulations and laws.

  • Increase the scope and power of the Federal Government through the War on Drugs and Terror.

The Elite love selling you one thing and sticking you with another. Pied Pipers play the tune that you can dance to, as they send you off a cliff.

The final thing the hit me, was how effective Divide and Conquer is as a tactic of the Elite. The Elite use race, religion, education, income, sex, ethnicity or whatever to get us to see the differences in ourselves. We are led to believe that our problems lie with our fellow man and not the architects of our world, the Elite. I have had the privilege to travel all over the world and have worked with managers of multi-billion dollar hedge funds to Romanian peasants. For the most part, people want to do what they want to do, love who they want to love and make a better world for their children. The Elite don’t want you to see commonality or humanity in your fellow man, that does not serve their interest. In fact, I bet you have much more in common with the average Iraqi shop keeper, than any of the politicians that represent you.

“Listen to all, follow none and walk your own path the best you can.” -Chris Duane

In my exchange with “Mr.TeaParty,” he immediately focused in on our differences and went on an impassioned retort on why I was wrong. He completely ignored my arguments while he regurgitated his talking point pablum. We probably have 95% in common on many issues, but he focused on our 5%. We could have helped people find their own path to freedom and truth, but that was shut down since he disagrees with me on some issues.

Please try and find common ground with people instead of focusing on our differences. That is the only way to grow our movement. ”Mr. TeaParty” may just be an ignorant, indoctrinated guy, or he could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I judge people by the questions they ask and not their talking point answers. I also judge a tree by it’s fruit and as far as I am concerned, this one stinks.

(Note to “Mr. TeaParty”: Please feel free to out yourself and your Tea Party site. I am sure that there are more than a few people who support you, that would strongly disagree with your interpretation of the Freedom Movement. If you are willing, I would like to work with you and others about really finding common ground and moving our movement forward. But I feel that you have an ulterior motive and for now, I will just poke and prod your ideas. I would also love to have your side of the story published because I feel that my interpretation might be lacking… Do you feel the hook?)

Wake Some People Up!

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