Free - Beyond Collapse

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Winds of Change

As I read the daily media propaganda about how the economy is turning around I came across pictures of the vigil remembering Tiananmen Square. Hundreds of thousands of people involved in peaceful candlelight vigils all across China. I was, myself, in college at the time and was moved, then as I am now, for people who have the courage to risk their own lives to stand up for their freedom. John Lennon came to mind as I thought about our moment in history. I thought if only someone like John Lennon was here he would have been talking about Revolution and change and maybe got people moving to really change things. Where is “our” John Lennon? Where is our generation leader? A voice and force of personality that inspires millions into action. Whoever you are…We need you more than ever.

I have no doubt that the government is not being straight with us. The economy is in much worse shape than they are saying. I truly believe the Greatest Depression the world has ever seen is imminent. What I am most dismayed about is how so many people will be caught by surprise because of the lack of information that the masses are receiving. So many people relying on the media and government to inform them on a topic that both never even saw coming. That being said it is very easy to lose sight of the positive that can result from such a change. For those who have read between the lines and prepared, a new beginning awaits.

When the dust settles and the horizon comes into focus the work of rebuilding our societies will begin. Will we miss the rat race when it has all but vanished from our memory? I think not. The winds of change are indeed growing. Societies across the globe are on the verge of major change. Can you feel it? The Chinese have a saying “May you live in interesting times”. Well if these aren’t interesting times, I don’t know what is.

Capitalism has failed, and Communism has failed. However, our Governments are trying to keep the status quo at all costs with bailouts of the rich with the hard-earned money of the working class, imprisoning our children with debt before they are born. It is time to shake the shackles of humanity for real freedom. Not the freedom of the subjugation of the indebted masses to the ruling lenders but a real freedom to pursue humanities dreams of a better tomorrow for its children.

Change is coming and the ride will be rough. It is time to prepare for the coming collapse, but what will emerge will be far better than what is current. The Heroin addict must endure the agony of withdrawal if he is to regain his health of mind, body and soul and so shall we.