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Monday, November 25, 2013

Weapons of War Across New York State Will Be Used On Citizens

Post by NewAmericaNow

Historically speaking, economic hard times bring with them insecure governments and leaders that call for and necessitate more control over the people they are entrusted to serve. Despite well established personal freedoms, during economic hard times and times of war, laws are passed at a feverish pitch, all in the name of prevention of evil and protecting the people (especially the children), from themselves or from the shadowy spector of terrorism.

Freedoms of belief, speech, communication, expression, association, privacy and protest are demonized as individual selfishness and dangerous, if they do not serve the purposes of the ruling power structure. The justice system is usually removed from the hands or the people and moved behind closed doors to be determined by a few in secret under the guise of national security. The equality of people is legislatively destroyed to create a special ruling and enforcement class that has the blessing of that power structure to use violence and cohersion over the masses they wish to control. Under these conditions, indefinate detention without charge or fair trial become more and more justifiable by the power elite. The right to individual self defense is usually the one right that is the recipient of the greatest destruction and increasingly bestowed preferentially as a right acceptable only to the enforement and elite class. Those who expose the immorality of all these actions are severly punished as traitors. Military commanders who have issues following questionable orders are relieved of duty and replaced with commanders more willing to comply. The final piece of the puzzle is usually militarizing the community enforcers with the tools of war.

Thank God we live in America, where those things could never happen. While Stalin, Hiltler, Mao and Pol Pot are all examples of the above, it takes a special kind of denial not to see that these things are happening today. Today, an ABC news affiliate, writes about how how 165 MRAP trucks, which are 18-ton, armor-protected military fighting vehicles with gun turrets and bulletproof glass that were once the U.S. answer to roadside bombs during the Iraq war, were distributed nationwide to local police and sheriffs dept. In New York State alone MRAPs have been delivered to

Albany County Sheriff's Department
Warren County Sheriff's Department
Jefferson County Sheriff's Department
Steuben County Sheriff's Department
Sullivan County Sheriff's Department
Nassau County Police
Plattsburgh Police
Hamburg Village Police

Police departments statewide have also acquired almost 150 other trucks and Humvees, a dozen of them armored, over the past two years.

While the enforcment class and much of the mainstream media, who are nothing more than the propaganda wing of the ruling class, justify this militarization, the facts remain that Americans are 8 times more likely to be killed by police than terrorists. Furthermore remember, these military items being given to the police are not free. These items are very expensive and our hard earned tax dollars paid for these things. Is this what you had in mind for that money? Is this why you convince yourself that taxation through cohersion of others is good or was their a higher purpose for taxation? 

Remember, the cheese is always free in the mouse trap.

Politicians and lawyers are usually the butt of jokes regarding their immorality and truthfulness but somehow, those on OUR team are held up as saviors and their promises believed without question. When their promises are broken, blame is always placed on the other team or deflected entirely. I hate to break it to those liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans, but both major parties are just as guilty in their deception of the people for their ownpersonal gains. Powerful positions always attract people who would abuse that power.

We must always remember....ultimately, power always corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We as a society have been duped. Being selfishly myopic, we have given our governmnet the power to bully people we do not agree with for some utopian delusion of common good. Did we ever consider that this power over other people, would ever be used against ourselves? Did we ever think that such power, to control the people, would ever be used by evil people against us? Did you ever consider electing the wealthy to take from the wealthy and give to the poor would somehow eradicate poverty or make us somehow equal in our poverty? The road to hell is always paved with good intentions.

Perhaps many who read this are fully aware of what is happening but shrug their shoulders and say to themselves, "There is nothing that I can do, so why bother?". I am here to tell you, if you and we as a society don't start doing something about it, now, however small, you and your family will suffer the consequences.

So what can we do? First and foremost, never forget that knowledge is power. Knowledge of the power we still possess as people is empowering. The power to educate others, now through social media, thoughtfully and not critically. Alienating people through blame does nothing to open and free minds. Educate people about history, liberty, responibility and solutions. Solutions like jury nullification, writing editorials in town papers, attending town meetings, and engaging people in coversation and encouraging them to act to nullify laws that infringe on freedoms. Most importantly, do not comply with anything that is personally repulsive.

Until a critical mass is reached, nothing will change. Freedom does not require a majority, only a determined few. Change is sometimes a slow process, but with greater participation and determination, change can happen overnight. Let us all work toward that goal and ensure the right and capacity of people to determine their own actions. There is a great possiblility that things do not change in time for the better and a national crisis develops as a consequences of our social apathy. Take steps now to have at least the basics you will need if social upheavals become a reality. We the people who are paying attention, shall hope for the best but prepare for the worst. May we reach that critical mass in time.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Threat From the Military and Secret Police

Guest Post by Jack D. Douglas

Sacred Monarchs have been overthrown by military leaders throughout all 5,000 years of statism. Caesarism is ancient. Bonapartism is the modern version of Caesarism. We see it happening every day in the world’s media. The Egyptian Army and secret police just overthrew the first elected, democratic government in Egypt’s history. (I believe for many reasons the CIA is behind this and supplies the vital war materials and money and intelligence to the Egyptian Army, but the U.S. government is openly against the take-over in the Media.)

The vast secret police armies and their immense militias of former agents and contractors, about 5,000,000 of whom have secret clearance in the U.S., are far more dangerous to freedom and democracy and legitimate government than the professional military, especially when they have heavy weapons and Special Ops of their own, as the Gestapo, KBG, and CIA have had. Putin moved up to totalitarian power by combining power from the KGB, MVD, and Red Army. He pretends to be an “elected, constitutional” leader, but he is a modern Caesar Augustus, total ruler behind a front of republican government that is ultimately powerless. The Bushes did the same in the U.S.

The first real coup at the presidential level in the U.S. was the military-CIA coup during Iran-Contra. I think the military guys clearly took over and did what they wanted to do. Bush I, the CIA Director who decided to become Vice President and then President was almost certainly the point man running the coup, not Admiral Poindexter, et al. Reagan was out to lunch. The Special Prosecutor said in his book on it that he ran into Stone Walls in all directions–protecting Bush, the CIA, the Admirals and Captains, etc.

Patton and MacArthur were continually creating their own “orders.” General Eisenhower and the Dulles CIA brothers conspired to start WWIII–the Nuclear Cold War with Russia and ran assassination conspiracies around the world. They overthrew Iranian democracy and rulers and those in other nations. They murdered rulers from the Caribbean to Vietnam. JFK and his whole entourage kept finding the military were doing their own thing in the Cuban Missile Crisis and found it extremely difficult to stop them. The FBI-CIA were up to their necks in the JFK murder and worked closely with Oswald for years when he was a double agent.  J. Edgar ran his own secret police at the secret core of the FBI and no president could stop him. The military and CIA hid the truth about Vietnam and fed DOD and the White House vast reams of statistical lies in body counts, etc. Dereliction of duty became treason in fact. When the CIA-FBI destroyed Nixon with their Watergate Conspiracy, all run by CIA-FBI agents, Nixon finally surrendered power secretly to a General. Clinton, Bush I, and Barry Soetero have been military-secret police front men. The military got all the wars they wanted and lost them all. The CIA is doing whatever it wants.

I don’t know specifically what is happening in these on-going purges of the military, but it looks like the secret police are getting rid of the top people who might oppose their total power, like the heads of ONI who are their main  intelligence competitors [along with Army Intel., NRO, etc.], the top Generals, etc.
The military and secret police have been running things at the top in a loose, complex alliance for decades. Now they seem to be struggling for power in the usual ways used by totalitarians, using laws to purge enemies, etc. The same kind of political purge is going on in China now. It’s SOP.

If the military gives up and marches off to the prisons and old-age homes, the secret police will reign supreme. I think the military have been fighting back since the purge of the Generals and more and more of the Navy.

The Secret Police need heavy weapons and masses of boots on the ground. The CIA has developed its own Special Ops and murder squads. It’s likely some of the military Special Ops forces are working with the secret police, as the SS did in Germany (as Hitler planned they would do in such a conspiracy by the Wehrmacht General Staff) and special units of the military did in Russia around Moscow when there was any threat of Bonapartism, as they called military take overs, Bonaparte being the classic example. But many of the Special Ops seem angry at being run by the CIA, as in the SEALs attack in Pakistan.

I think the intelligent people know the System is going to totally implode. It imploded at the top after Lehman in one weekend when the whole top of U.S. finance went down. This time it will be a general meltdown of finance. They will impose martial law. They are testing it out in huge exercises like that at Boston. I think they are struggling for control of that total power to come. Barry is not even in the loop.
The standing, professional military are always loyal to reigning regimes, until the day they take over. Caesarism is hardly new. That’s why the Founders were desperately against a professional military force and would have died fighting secret police.
Jack D. Douglas [send him mail] is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human beings, most notably The Myth of the Welfare State.
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