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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The American Revolution Starts With You


The following video was originally BANNED by youtube as a community rules violation called "HATE SPEECH". 

After a legal challenge by me, in order to provide the public with uncensored free ideas, YouTube reconsidered it's ban and reclassified the video as "ADULT CONTENT ONLY".  

Watch the video, and please comment on it. Let me know what you think. 

Should it be classified as hate speech? Is it a bit over the top? Do you agree or disagree? Would you share it on your social media and networks? 

Thank You and I wish you all happiness and freedom.

Now brought back by popular demand- 

"Patriots Declare War on Tyranny- Watering the Tree of Liberty"



  1. No, that's not hate speech. That is love speech. Love of self, family, country, liberty. "One’s true capacity for moving, or being moved, can be achieved only when one’s commitment to others is in fact connected to and derives from his primary commitment to himself.

    When we find this kind of alignment of purpose, there is a harmony of motivation that can provide the fuel and clarity to overcome great obstacles in the pursuit of great challenge."
    The Inner Game of Work, W. Timothy Gallwey, Random House, 2000.

  2. As you know, and everyone else that has woken up, which is by far the minority, compared to all the dumbed down, ignorant, politically correct masses, our nations problems are beyond fixing at this point. Immorality, gov dependence, and selfishness, along with many other things are too entrenched in the people of Amerika today. And for all the people that claim they are history buffs and say that our founding father's were terrible people... I didn't know them personally, but whatever they personally believed really doesn't matter. The fact is that God and they gave the people of this nation the most free nation, in the history of the world and we all went to sleep and got too lazy and we have squandered it all away. We have let these evil despots take over our country and world for that matter. The sad thing about it is most of the masses will volunteer for assistance once this all goes down. It turns my stomach to see the people of this nation roll over and lick the shoes of the evil public servants and bankers we have now. We will get what we deserve. Do I wish this would all turn around, you bet I do, reality, will it? Why would it, the masses only care about themselves, Sunday football/sports, and if their house and car is better than everyone else's on their block. Prepare people, for those that think it is going to get rough, take your thoughts X 50. Thanks for the vid, and all the work you do newamericanow. I pray that the ones that know what is going on, will be given the strength and wisdom to withstand what is coming. Show love to everyone you can, time is very short.

  3. I would like to add one more thing I forgot, just to let everyone know that really hasn't thought about it... Does anyone know the purpose why the 2nd Amendment was put into the constitution? The main reason, I fully believe, was for the citizens of this country to be able to defend themselves against an oppressive government. The main reason wasn't for self defense, and not to be able to go hunting or target shooting as some gun right people think. Those are just benefits of having it. Let that sink in a little bit. If you think of what all gov abuses our founders came from, that has to be the main reason this amendment was put into our founding documents.

  4. This video contains the truth....that's why "they" don't want the masses to view it.
    "They" don't want resistance to their plans. Like all the Oppressors before them, of God fearing peoples, they want to over run and conquer with total brutality. The American Patriot will NEVER give them that opportunity. They "will" receive a lesson in FREEDOM.