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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bush and Obama : Idiots or Evil Geniuses?

Back when I was a thoroughly indoctrinated Fox News Junkie, I was constantly confronted by people calling George W. Bush either a complete idiot or and evil genius. GWB was either a drooling buffoon who was incapable of doing the simplest of tasks or he was a third generation Fascist genius, who was hell bent on systematically destroying the American Republic. Being a kool-aide drinker myself, I just didn’t get why people didn’t see him as a warm, caring, strong, and patriotic president. This is what ultimately led me to ask a deeper question, how is it possible that one guy could be seen by so many people, in so many different ways?

Fast forward to the 2008 presidential election. Barack Obama (I love how his name still comes up as a misspelling) comes on the scene and the same thing happens again, only in reverse. Now Obama is either a complete idiot or an evil genius. He’s either an empty suit that cannot put two words together without his teleprompter or an evil communist bastard who’s plotting to destroy the America Republic. And yet to the average Obama supporter, they just don’t get why people don’t see him as a young, charismatic, intelligent and motivating president. Again, how is it possible that one guy can be seen by so many people in so many different ways?

People naturally process information using their own filters. The first filter that people use to judge others, is how they view themselves. If they are good-natured people, they see the goodness in all people. I use the term “sheeple,” because these people are harmless creatures who go through life eating without questioning what they are given. They cannot comprehend how evil people/wolves work because they are not wired in that way. When first confronted with wolves, they give them the benefit of the doubt, then make excuses for their unnatural actions by calling them idiots. When pushed to the extreme, the “sheeple” wake up only to see the evil genius standing in their midst. At this point, it gets very real.

In the way good natured people see the good in others, evil people see the evil in others. These cold and calculating predators are without empathy and seek to dominate the “sheeple” for power and profit. They feel that everyone is out to get them because they are out to get everyone else. They will use any ideology only as a means to power. It does not bother them if they don’t really believe in the ideology ,so long as it gives them a vehicle to get them to where they want to go. They are without a moral core and only seek instant gratification, power and profit. In order for them to survive, they must mask their true intentions through mimicking those whom they seek power from.

The Republican wolves mimic middle America with family issues and tax cuts. The Democrat wolves mimic the rest with social issues. In reality, we are given a controlled choice of collectivist party A or collectivist party B. Fascism and Socialism work the same way, take from the masses and give to the insiders.

In 2008, after 8 years of Neo Con wars and deficit spending, America was in no mood any more of that. The Republican base was demoralized. For 25 years, they were promised a smaller and less intrusive government. In the 2004 election, they finally had that opportunity and did absolutely nothing. Actually they made it worse by increasing the size of government drastically, increasing the deficit and even increasing Medicare. So, change was in the air and the Elite knew it. At the 2008 Bilderberg conference in Chantilly VA, both Hillary and Obama were summoned to their masters to decide who was going to win. Both Obama and Clinton secretively ditched the press corp. that were assigned to them for the primaries to sneak into the meeting. The election was really decided behind closed doors there in Chantilly that June, not in November as the MSM would like you to believe.

The elections are just big circuses to entertain the serfs and make them feel like they have a stake in their future. That is why every single election is,”THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER.” The two parties are the same on matters of importance; War, Debt and government intrusion. They quible over issues that either mean nothing or can do anything about. The Elite use focus groups and marketers to create images and messages that resonate with the intended voters/victims. That is why there is always a flavor of candidate that appeals to you. Eventually and purposefully, those potent flavors you like get melted down during the primaries until there are only two flavors left; vanilla or chocolate. (No pun intended.)

So, the Elite rolled out a bunch of new and old flavors like John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. In the end, the new exciting Obama flavor caught the attention of the sheeple. I mean what could be more exciting than a black president and the peak of power in the land of slavery? He was young, energetic and motivating. Yet he had something almost exciting about him like a bad boy to a nice young girl. He ran on “Change.” What that change was, he did not say. For the most part, it was left up to the audience to read between the lines and create their own mental masturbation. In the end, it did not matter which puppet got into power, Obama or McCain, the Elite’s agenda moves forward.

More debt for us, as it fuels the Elite’s profits and power.

More wars for us, so that the Elite can seize precious resources.

More illegal immigrants for us, to weaken us so that we cannot fight the Elite.

More factories overseas for us, so that the Elite can use slave labor to gut our wages.

More government intrusion for us, so that the Elite can monitor and control us.

Think about it, since Obama has won, nothing has changed. I mean even Saturday Night Live has made fun of Obama for doing absolutely nothing. He was just like Bush in 2004, full control of the government with nothing standing in his way and he did nothing. Even the two most powerful positions, the Treasury and the Defense Department did not change a bit. (Sure we got rid of the Goldman guy and replaced him with the head of the NY Fed. Whoop dee-doo!)

So, now we are at this unique period, where I think almost all Americans can be honest with themselves and admit that they have been “had.” Whether it was Bush or Obama or whatever political flavor you prefer, you are still just licking an Elitist tool. My suggestion is to forget about all of the races, for President, Senator and Governor and just let the Elite have them with their huge controlled media and think tanks. The Elite can only really focus on a handful of races at a time. We should really try and focus strictly on local elections and Congressional seats. That decentralized effort plays to our power and monolithic power can stops millions of independent actions working on thousands of campaigns.

Another suggestion I have to all that are reading this, is to attack the root of all of our problems, The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has stolen everything and it is only moral to get it back from these criminals. Just because this criminal Elite scammed America in 1914, it does not mean they are not guilty and justice does not need to be served. Think about candidates running on a platform of freeing generational debt slaves with an new Emancipation Proclamation. If we ended the Fed, fractional reserve banking and usury, and switched to a competing currency system of gold, silver, platinum, and debt free treasury notes, we could eliminate everyone’s private debts. The Babylonians did this when the debts of the common man became too great. They reset the system and forgave all debts. The church used to do this with a Jubilee year.

This would also mean that any public debts, like SS and pensions, would also be needed to reset. All we are doing is cutting to the inevitable end. You are never going to get paid for all that you are owed, it is all a Ponzi scam. It would be so much easier to take care of each other if there wasn’t this crushing debt, sucking everything from us. The rest of the world might bitch that we are doing this, but they know that one way or the other, they are not going to get paid either. They might appreciate us ending our insanity without going down in a blaze of glory. We could throw them a bone and bring all of our troops home and end our world wide occupation. This single issue would unite 99.9% that are in debt to the .1% Elite and allow us to get a fresh start, instead of waiting for the Sword of Damocles to fall. (I know nothing will come of this which is why I suggest you panic now and beat the rush. Only after everything crashes can we hope to rebuild again. Get a head start on the world and join the Sons of Liberty Academy.)

The other thing that I think helps explains how so many people can see one man so differently, is the Hegelian Dialectic. The elite use a system of two controlled false choices to give the intended victims their “choice” of power. We are given the “choice” of the lesser of two evils, the Republicans or the Democrats. This is exactly how I give my 5 year old daughter the “choice” in clothing she’s going to wear for the day. She feels good because she had the power to choose the pink dress and not the purple dress. Meanwhile, she did not have the choice to wear pants, shorts, or even just stay in her pajamas. That is the same thing we get in our two completely bought and paid for Republican and Democratic parties.

If I had told my daughter what to wear, she would eventually rebel against me and we all know what happens to girls with daddy issues… The Elite know that this is also true with their serfs. Let them pick their poison and it will prevent the rebellion. “Let them march all they want. So long as they pay their taxes.” Gen. Alexander Haig. The Elite will let you do anything but attack the root of their power or really change the system.

We are forced into these two false choices and therefore have to defend on or the other. If the Republican sheeple didn’t defend the Republican (Fascist/Corporatist) wolves on every issue, they risk being over run by the Democrat (Socialist/Communists) wolves. The reverse is true for the Democrats. Meanwhile, all that keeps happening is the Elite keep closing their grip of power over all of us.

That is the true genius of the system, we are so dependent on this system that we are forced to defend it. Do you really think the 43 million people on food stamps could vote for a Republican that is going to cut social spending? Do you really think the millions in the middle class, just barely hanging on, could they really vote for a Democrat that is going to raise their taxes or cut the mortgage interest deduction? We are given a dog eat dog paradigm to work within. Never are we given the choice of casting aside both collectivist parties and choosing a Constitutional Republic with a truly free market. That does not serve the interests of the Elite.

So, I’d like to wrap this up so that I can drink beer and have some wings. The answer to the question is, that politicians are mere sock puppets for the evil geniuses that control them, the banks, the media, the corporations, the world’s resources and ultimately us. Start waking up and become totally free of them. Maybe then we will have a chance to build something after this all comes crashing down.

Wake Some People Up!

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