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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The New American Revolution - We Shall Have Our Freedom Today

By NewAmericaNow

You've seen it in Tunesia, you've seen it in Egypt. Welcome to the American version because it starts right here.

My fellow Free Americans, we continue to suffer at the hands of the government that we originally instituted to serve us and improve our lives in our society. Our Government is obviously no longer serving the interests of "We the People", but in fact, serve the interests of others.

Everyday we see how our dysfunctional Government continues it's assault, not only on the innocent of foreign lands with it's Military Industrial Complex but, on the American people themselves through Laws , Executive Orders and Acts that continue to limit freedom in this land.

Many have tried to write their Senators and Congressmen and women, but instead of recording the will of the people, they falsely praised those opposed for supporting something they do not or ignore the dissenting voices altogether as if they do not exist. They arrest peaceful protesters, muzzle journalists that wish to inform, and intimidate those that speak out against the tyranny of our Government.

No matter who we seem to vote for, it is the people they continually act against. The people of this nation have been sold out to the highest bidders and we were not present for the bid. They use our tax dollars to buy cameras to watch and control our moves with our own money, yet in many places, if you video tape an officer of the law in public they will arrest you on wiretapping charges. They "legally", have shipped much of our manufacturing to countries with slave labor conditions only to improve corporate stock portfolio and profit. They have violated food, air, water and all environmental safety also for the sake of profit. They allow financial institutions to steal the assets of it's hard working people through debt created by allowing banks to charge incredibly high interest on money they lend that they do not even have in their possession.

They continue to make it harder for Americans to retire by changing the rules and increasing the taxes on money that was suppose to be yours and was already taxed when they got it in the first place. They tax the poor multiple times on the same money yet allow the very wealthy billionaires to escape paying any taxes at all by assuring us some will trickle down. The list of wrongs goes on and on.

We know, in our heart of hearts, that the US Government no longer works for the American people. The US Government, like many others in the world, now works for the International Banking Interests and Multinational Corporations that contribute to their campaigns and buy their reelection. When our President speaks of "making America more competitive with the world", he does not speak to the American People, he speaks to those elite few who have taken control of our country and assures them that the American people will be making less in the near future, so the profits of those who pull the strings will surely increase. If all else fails they will shift any Corporate loses onto the backs of the American people in the biggest case of theft in human history.

We the American people are also lied to on a daily bases by the Corporate controlled media. We are told inflation is good, unemployment is dropping, we are having a jobless recovery, that it is important to devalue our currency for financial stability, and that consumer confidence is rising in the face of financial ruin. Furthermore, our Government continues to deal with dictators and tyrants around the globe doing their bidding against the people of those lands and makes treaties and agreements with foreign entities in our name, against our very will and lead us closer to a their concept of a New World Order were they would be kings and we would all be their slaves.

The US Government as it is now, continues to violate the highest laws of our land. It violates the Constitution, by having others, like the Federal Reserve, control our money supply and, violate our Bill of Rights, by passing and continually extend legislation like the Patriot Act that allow the American people to be treated like criminals without guilt, probable cause, warrant or due process for what the government describes is for your own safety and good.

The US Federal Government means to license all human behavior and the choices of free men that god himself has given us as human beings including your choices of food and water and even who cuts your hair or bandages your wounds. According to US law, Hippocrates himself would not be allowed to practice medicine. However, we must remember, many terrible things were done in history that were legal.

In his "letter from a Birmingham jail" Martin Luther King jr. wrote about something he called "just" and ‘unjust’ laws. He made a clear distinction between both of them. In his words: "A just law is a man made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law."

We as good people should always fight every unjust law legally at first. That is, when a law is made that is unjust, thus unconstitutional, we should fight it, politically and legally. Once that does not succeed, and once every branch (Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches) acts in breach of the Constitution, thus unjust, thus unmoral, it can only mean the constitutional part of a ‘Constitutional Republic’ is under attack, or no longer exists, which we now know is indeed the case.

"We the People" will no longer acknowledge unjust laws. We will remain peaceful until such time that violent means are employed against us by such an unmoral Government. It is at that moment when we shall defend ourselves as free people with the moral authority given to us by our creator and so help you god we will defend ourselves.

The new Motto for the New American Revolution shall be,

"I am a peaceful soul, but try and take my Liberty and I shall give you Death".

At this moment in history, "We the People", have a responsibility to disobey these unjust and unmoral laws any way we can and stand our ground.

As is stated in our Declaration of Independence, "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness".

We are Peaceful, freedom loving people, some democrats, some republicans, some conservative, some liberals, some progressives and some libertarians, but all of us are 100% American. We are determined to disconnect ourselves from the current corrupt government system and create our own communities and business ventures on our local levels. We can no longer be associated with the crimes of our government today without disgrace.

Governments have always been instituted by people and should derive their just powers from the people, however, our Government has becomes destructive of these ends, and as such, it is our Right to divest ourselves from it and institute new Governments that will serve us best.

The New American Revolution will not be fought with a musket but with Laptops and human resolve.
Using the latest tools of social media, like meetup at and others, we will form a new alliance with our fellow Americans to honestly and freely conduct business without having to kiss the ring for approval and license, and slowly but surely divest ourselves of the current dysfunctional and failed government without violence. Come and join the New Revolution. Start a We are Free group in your community. Together, we will form our own business associations, our own legal system, our own defense forces, our own monetary system and we will find our freedom once more.

I ask all who read this to please, get involved and take an active role in your country and communities. Bring people together, get your friends involved, start the discussion with people in your communities. You will be pleasantly surprised by coming together with people who want to make things better. If not for yourselves, then do it for your children's future. Look them in the eye and reassure them that you will do this for them to make a better America and a better world for them and you. Be a part of the best American Movement that will be written about in history books years from now, but we must do this with your help. We must hang together or we shall surely hang separately. What are you waiting for get off the couch and make a difference for tomorrow. Bring things start with small steps. Take that first step now.

Power to the People!

As God is my witness, we shall prevail!

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