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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We The Problem

Guest Post By Rebecca Mickley

Fear is the ultimate enemy of liberty.

Since 9/11 our “leaders”, the smiling wolves in sheep’s clothing, have capitalized on the fear of the people to lead us down the thorny path of slavery. Thirteen years after 9/11 we are less free, and less secure than we have ever been. This is not a result of the shooters, or the terrorists, but a result of the utter failure of the people to stand up for their essential liberties from those who seek to deny them to us.  In short, the problem is not in our constitution, but in ourselves.

It is a symptom of our failure as a people to honor our essential liberties that has led us to the sorry state that we find ourselves in. We take a knee jerk reaction to crisis; foolishly believing that denying our essential liberties will eliminate abuses by the few.  Nowhere is this logical fallacy more apparent than in the current assaults on the second amendment.
This is illogical on its face because no school shooter was ever acting under a second amendment protection. Rights come with the duty of respecting the rights of others. These shooters did not just commit an act of violence; they perpetrated an act of war against the people, fundamentally and illegally denying them their rights to life. Therefore, they did not operate under any form of constitutional protection but in contrivance of such rights and liberties.
These facts show clearly that the denial of rights will have no effect on safety. We cannot barter with what is inalienable and expect anything but slavery in return. By creating artificial barriers to liberty we poison the well, ultimately killing the freedom of all people that enjoy constitutional protection all the while ensuring our victimization by the powerful, the elite and the insane.
This path will lead us only to ruin. With the denial of rights and the ever-advancing chains of slavery comes madness. Further constitutional violations will ensure only that more people will suffer, that more blood will be spilled because with slavery comes insanity. As men are caged it damages them irrevocably leading to a repressed rage that simmers ever closer to the surface.  The recent shootings are more a symptom of a culture drunk with despair and rage at the abuses it has done to itself and as we walk this thorny path, as we surrender more and more of ourselves, the pain will only grow and eventually we will all be damaged, because we will all be enslaved by the grinning elite.
We, the people, must reject the false paradigms offered as easy panaceas by our leaders. Gun Control, Ubiquitous Surveillance, and free speech zones are snake oil, meant to poison and distract the people all the while we are tied down by oppressive laws and fatal memes that security only comes through slavery.

 Terrorists will not stop because we are being watched, extremists will not be silenced because the law abiding are crowded into free speech zones, and shooters will not stop the murder of our children because the law abiding are denied essential rights and protections. These problems will only grow as our liberties enter their twilight, and ultimately sunset because if we are not a free people than we are ready victims being led to the slaughter by those not only outside of our culture but by those we will beg to defend us.

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