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Monday, June 9, 2014

Al-Qaeda: NATO’s “Stateless Army”

Media Buries Syria Comments on U.S
 Guest Post from PakalertPress

With the demise of American “land power” in Europe and the Middle East, the globalist agenda of NATO has fallen upon a collection of irregular forces, led by, strangely enough, a series of “Al Qaeda franchise” groups.

Whether randomly hired jihadists accepting Saudi “coin” for terror and mayhem against the Syrian people or one of a dozen groups, infiltrating kill teams into Iran from Azerbaijan, Balochistan or Afghanistan, riding the sands of Anbar to spread terror across Iraq or kidnapping girls in Nigeria, the real face behind this and many other faces of world terrorism is NATO.


During the Bush administration a strategy was developed to create, not as claimed, “an American century,” but rather the systematically planned exhaustion of America’s economic, moral and political will to accept international law and accountability.

Sold as “unilateralism” under the justification of a state sponsored “New Pearl Harbor,” described with total clarity by administration “global strategic planners,” thousands of Americans were slaughtered in an act of murderous frenzy.

Islam was to be “neutered” and the Caspian Basin or as F. William Engdahl calls it, “the New Silk Road,” would fall under dominance at the hands of select families, crime organizations really, under the guise of banks, oil exploration companies or pipeline operators.
Terrorism, initially staged to appear as an attack on the United States, and for a decade “and counting,” sweeping across Asia and Africa, targeting vulnerable resource-laden nations for destabilization and the “helping hand” of American military power, the “best cure” for a disease delivered, predictably by “American military power.”
As is so often the case, the “doctor” that comes to save the patient ends up “ruling the roost” while the patient dies.

Thus, America’s new role as “policeman of the world” now more closely resembles that of housebreaker and pillager.


The real NATO died long ago, the French left, then Western Europe lost interest in the Cold War and its ad hoc replacement, the Bush/Blair imaginary “War on Terror.” Long before, NATO’s Gladio terror armies had turned to mischief and crime, the “stay behind” Illuminati insurgency now an organ of state terrorism “for hire,” kidnappings, bombings and murder.

Thus, when NATO directs genocide in the Ukraine or Syria, they are only “returning to their roots.”
Not so long ago, Washington was ruled by traditional special interests, the military-industrial complex, oil/coal/nuclear/fracking polluters, drugs/prostitution and gambling and the AIPAC/ADL/Israel lobby, frankly a combination of all the others.

Today, America’s new “junkyard dog” or “stationary aircraft carrier” in the Middle East isn’t Israel. It’s Al Qaeda. America now loves Al Qaeda, cheap and disposable fighters replacing the worn-out veterans plaguing America with their demands for medical care and “money for nothing.”

Despite the recent flurry of scandals and gnashing of teeth, America hates war veterans, members of the lower classes, noisy, demanding and potentially dangerous and unpredictable.

The message was simple and easy to sell to a nation of sheep: Freedom is dangerous, submission to authority is the only survival option, debt, wage slavery and moral depredation are not only acceptable lifestyles, but the only allowable ones.

That kind of nation can drone kill, invade, run narcotics, fill itself with prisons, poison its water and air and still preach morality to the world without a hint of irony.


Take the clock back to 9/11. Americans watched every car, glared at every passerby, looking for so-called “Muslim” terrorists, the throat-slitting monsters unleashed by Osama bin Laden.

Women clutched screw drivers in their pockets, men began carrying pocket knives, fearful that a box-cutter-toting bearded maniac would descend on them.

As American humorist, Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make things like this up.” Today, things are different. Al Qaeda frightens no one, in fact America send them guided missiles, trains their fighters and supports their terror bombings in Syria and Iraq quite publicly and around much of the world less openly but not that “less openly.”

When African leaders met last week to discuss the threat of Boko Harum, the Al Qaeda “franchise” threatening nation after nation, all privately admitted that this was no gang of backward “technology hating” terrorists, not with that secure satellite phones and advanced weapons systems.

Boko Harum, to the real “players” in security and intelligence means oil companies, arms dealers, the IMF and “the usual suspects,” intelligence agencies, Mossad, CIA, MI 6 and several others.


America is again fighting a multi-front war, this time managed by CIA and State Department contractors and fought by jihadists from around the world. The war is the same; nothing has changed since 9/11 or, were we to look back even further, 1991 and Operation Desert Storm. America is clearing the way for a “predictable” Middle East of corrupt right wing autocrats terrified of the United States and fully mindful that America will do the bidding of Israel “at the drop of a hat.”

What represents the most recent serious threat to NATO/Gladio/Illuminati plans is the election in Syria. By all accounts, not only is Syria refusing to fall to Al Qaeda, derailing plans for a jihadist super-state answerable to the London-Tel Aviv-Zurich-Washington axis, the antithesis of this long established plot is looming on the horizon.


This week, Kuwaiti officials visited Iran. Each Memorandum of Understanding, and many were signed, represents not just an abandonment of “axis” globalism but moves toward the reestablishment of a nonaligned power base capable of challenging traditional debt induced economic models, perhaps if anything , the real basis for the idea of NATO or Gladio or whatever the “hydra” chooses to call itself.


When Al Qaeda, real or imaginary, CIA/Mossad or cave dwelling masterminds, took to the world stage, whatever the stated goal, and nobody has been clear on that one yet, the end result has been debt.
America, particularly under virtual martial law since 2001, not only deregulated its banking and financial industry but allowed the creation of uncollateralized and totally unauthorized debt instruments of such grandiose scale that all the stars in heaven would never be able to pay the interest even at the most paltry levels.
As terrorism has entered predictable cycles, exercises and “crisis actors” hired, “lone gunmen” or “misfits” thawed and deployed, the now thousands of car bombs, disappearing airliners, emptied schools, so many guises scripted “for television” it would seem, the end result has been austerity, looted assets, filled prisons and a burgeoning supply of new unending wars.

If terrorism is debt, then Al Qaeda is simply an offshoot of the IMF/Rothschild “loan department,” a promotional organization tasked with helping stimulate realignment of assets.
To that end, they have functioned flawlessly.

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