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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

History Lesson

Guest Post By Susoni

It is often said that if we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. This is an small example of how things work in Washington. 

I wanted to share with you some of the things that have made me very skeptical of our government and why I often sound like a conspiracy nut. Let me give you a little slice of history. I WAS paying attention and my earlier reading and probing had already enlightened me as to the agenda of certain groups, who try to remain as secret and behind the scenes as possible but who in reality run the governments of the world. 

If you were paying attention, during the 1980 presidential campaigns, Reagan verbally attacked the nineteen people who were members of the Trilateral Commission in Carter's administration. and vowed loudly to investigate the group if he got elected. While competing against George H.W Bush (remember, Prescott Bush's grandson) for the nomination, Reagan blasted Bush's membership in both the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations and pledged not to give Bush a position in a Reagan government. Yet, during the Republican National Convention, a strange series of events took place. 

Once Reagan had secured the presidential candidacy, there was a hoe down fight to see who would be vice president. In midweek, national media began talking about a "dream team" (Do you remember the 2008 election, the same thing happened when they were talking about a dream team with Obama as president and Hillary as vice?) Anyway the media was pushing for a dream team of Reagan as president and Gerald Ford as vice president. As I recall, it was even suggested(Dan Rather I believe)that since Ford had already been president, he should choose half of Reagan's cabinet. 

Faced with the possibility of a split presidency, Reagan rushed to the convention floor very late that night and said that he knew he was breaking with protocol in coming there before his scheduled acceptance speech and he wasn't going to give it that night, but as he was watching the television and listening to the rumors that were going around and the gossip about a possible Ford vice presidency, he wanted to clear the air. He said that although a number of Republican leaders felt that the proper ticket would have included the former president, Gerald Ford, as second place on the ticket, he didn't agree and was announcing that he was recommending George Bush to be nominated for vice president. I was electrified. What had happened to get him to name his nemesis to the second position in the country? Who was pulling the strings behind the scenes? What kind of pressure was applied to Reagan in order to turn him 180 degrees?

I had suspected for some time that our media was being controlled by either the government or big business or both, but this was all the proof I needed as the 'hostage crisis' was all you could find on the news, implying that Carter could not effect a rescue. That's because Bush was already tight buddies with the Saudis and god knows who else in the Middle East.

How fascinating that Reagan never spoke another disparaging word against the Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations. After his election. Reagan transition team was composed of such globalists as (I had to do some digging here because I couldn't remember the number of each) Of Reagan's 59 member transition ream, 28 were members of the Council on Foreign Relations, 10 were members of the Bilderberg Group and somewhere around 10 were also members of the Trilateral Commission. He even appointed prominent members of CFR to the three most sensitive offices: Secretary of State Alexander Haig, (Hillary under Obama is a member of all three groups It aint just the Republicans) Secretary of Defense was Caspar Weinberger, and Secretary of the Treasury was Donald Regan. Plus, he named Bush's campaign manager as his chief of staff. Talk about surrounding yourself with political enemies. Do you think he did this willingly? Baker was a fourth generation member of a family long connected to the Rockefeller interests. That is well known but again, behind the scenes. You have to dig and you have to pay attention. 

Do you remember the 'October Surprise" that year? As soon as Reagan won in November, Bush and William Casey privately cut a deal with Iranian leaders to release the hostages. And at the time I fell for it right along with most of the rest of the voting public that Carter was weak and Reagan was strong. When Congress got wind of this deal and tried to investigate it, testimony by the pilots revealed that they had flown Casey to a meeting with the Iranians. One of the pilots was then tried for perjury( In his earlier testimony he tried to deny it but the other pilot told the truth. But, strangely he wasn't found guilty). So just minutes after Reagan was sworn in, the hostages were released. Wow, a miracle. Snort! It was at that point that I began to question anything coming out of mainstream media. 

Even more interesting to me is the chain of events surrounding the attempt on Reagan's life which would have put Bush in the number one position two months after taking office. When John Hinckley shot Reagan and people began to investigate him, it was noted when questioning Hinckley that he had symptoms of brain-washing(watch The Manchurian Candidate for some further eye-openers there) and his brother had a scheduled dinner with Neil Bush the very day that Reagan was shot. Coincidence? I very much doubt it. For weeks, the grandson of Prescott Bush, Nazi sympathizer and supporter, ran the country while Reagan recovered. Hinckley's father was also an oilman and a longtime friend of George H.W. Bush.
BTW, there is a list making it's way around the Internet of former Nazis who were brought to this country by certain Republican party members through what they called 'ethnic outreach committees.' Right.The intelligence agencies, primarily the C.I.A. know the extent of Nazi involvement with the political right in this country. And it's a shame that they keep it hidden from the majority of the American people. The people who are rank and file members of the Republican party are good, honest, God-fearing, hard working regular people. But the people who run the party are anything but. And I am not trying to paint the Republicans black and the Democrats white. The same thing applies to the top leaders in that party too. Both Bill and Hillary are members of all three of those nefarious organizations which are merely fronts for the globalist's agendas. 

Each succeeding president has done the bidding of The Powers That Be. Clinton signed NAFTA, among other things, absolutely guaranteeing the death of our middle class as the high paying manufacturing jobs fled our shores for cheaper wage workers overseas. Those were replaced by low paying and no benefit service jobs, making it necessary for more Americans to file for Welfare for the first time in their lives while the wealthy elite derided them for doing so.
Bush Jr. involved us in two very expensive foreign wars. I'm not even going to bring up 9/11. If you still believe that 19 Arabs with box cutters brought that off, there isn't much I can do for you. Go back to sleep. And using all three of those things, we were handed The Patriot Act. An erosion of our Constitutional rights. A perfect example of Problem/Reaction/Solution. At the same time, Wall Street and the big banks were spending money like drunken sailors in port for the first time in six months. As a direct result we had the 2008 financial meltdown and recession. 

Along comes Obama with a message of Hope and Change. Such intelligence and eloquence. What a waste. Like his predecessor, he marched right along with the plans and continued in Bush's footsteps, signing the National Defense Authorization Act trying to further eviscerate our Constitutional rights. Then he signs the National Defense Resources Act, effectively giving himself sole authority over every aspect of of lives. 

I used to wonder why the Republicans dominated the political scene for a term or two and then a Democrat would win the next election. It was almost like clockwork. It is all manipulated behind the scenes. 

So, what have we learned from history? Speaking for myself, I have learned that I cannot help elect someone to a political position and then go back to life in the fast lane. I have to keep a watch on that person to see that he is keeping his campaign promises. And if he isn't, alert as many people as I can reach. Hold Congress's feet to the fire when they allow any president to rule by executive order that is in direct opposition to our Constitution. 

Regardless of party affiliation, we need to band together as Americans to take back our country from those who would destroy her. When we find politicians who are honest and fighting for truth, we need to support them, whatever party they belong to. When we have constitutional sheriff's fighting for our rights, we need to back them fully. We need to educate our law enforcement and military to the dangers of of protecting the corrupt people in government.
I was so encouraged to see the policemen in Germany lay down their helmets and join the peaceful protesters. The same thing happened in Spain as they woke up and realized that they are part of the 99%, not the 1% elite. I look for the same to happen in this country as our law enforcement and military remember the oath of office they took. Why do you think Homeland Security was formed? Why do you think that Obama wants a domestic military force that's as strong as our regular military? 

He's afraid our regular military will remember their oaths.

So will we learn from history? 

Only time will tell.

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  1. I knew most of this, but not all, never had connected the dots on these topics. Very good article, looks like quite a bit of homework has been done here, keep shining the light in this dark world, I thank you for being a "watchman" for us.