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Monday, October 6, 2014

What They Don't Want You To Know About Ebola Spread In The US

Guest Post By Susan Duclos

The video below by Jason K is highly informative and asks some very important questions, first of which being why the MSM is making a concentrated effort and deliberate choice to play word games with the word "airborne," in relation to the Ebola virus, rather than pointing out that via a cough or a sneeze, where mucus and  saliva travel through the air, called "Aerosolized Droplet Direct Contact," can infect anyone within reach of these aerosolized particles.

The beginning of the video below explains via text what Aerosolized Direct Contact means, then they delve into the disturbing words from the CDC Director Tom Frieden, after showing his statement, which was reported here at ANP on October 1, 2014, where he stated "Ultimately, we are all connected by the air we breathe." A telling statement, especially when the entire speech is listened where it seemed as if that comment was out of place, which many noticed after listening to it.

Also explained, in detail is the difference between airborne and aerosolized, where we see the disregard, or deliberate omitting of the term in the mainstream media reporting which becomes almost ominous in nature.

Another important thing to note is the time range from infection to be becoming symptomatic therefore infectious, which could be two days and up to 21 days, so despite hundreds of reports of people with Ebola-like symptoms and testing happening now in the US, it is most likely not for a few weeks that we would see multiple cases within the United States, then another three weeks before seeing double that amount if the virus runs true to form, then again three more weeks before we really know how fast and far this first case of Ebola in the US truly has reached.

I suggest everyone watch this video below to understand that we are being lied to, even if it is a lie of omission.


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