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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Freedom Demands Better People!

Guest Post by Adam Kokesh

Many people, despite our evolved state and position as the dominant species on our little spaceship Earth, live their lives like animals.

We have given a myriad of opportunities made available by the "evolutionary brain explosion" and still, many people CHOOSE (due in part to social conditioning) to use only a fraction of the 10% of our brains we supposedly use.

While it would be arrogant to say that libertarians have ALL the answers, we do have something valuable to share that seems to go in line with the general intellectual approach shared by most of us.
Freedom is simply one conclusion of a rational analysis of the human condition, but it has many implications. It is not simply a political conclusion—that without the force and coercion of government, we will all be better off—it is also a moral code and a higher calling.

The message of freedom is simple: You as a free, beautiful, independent human being, own yourself, and therefor it is wrong to forcibly violate the rights of others.

It would seem we could present this not just as a nice idea that will just so happen to completely upend the social order when embraced, but as a scientific principle: human relationships are better overall for everyone involved by any metric when they are free of violence and coercion.

Hearing people debate this must sound like the flat earth vs round earth arguments. It's funny that despite our intelligence and unique capacity for rational analysis, we still routinely reject science on behalf of our insecurities and fears.

The Opposite of Freedom

The opposite of freedom is slavery—supposedly complete control by others.

Under modern governments, we live a state of semi-slavery.

Governments certainly act like they own their citizens like tax cows. The reason they get away with it is that most people deny or avoid this. Those who simply chafe against control and avoid it often do so with a certain cognitive dissonance because of feelings of guilt imposed by their fellow tax cows demanding that everyone "pay their fair share."

Regardless of how much people avoid taxation, most of us give up or have stolen from us large chunks of our productivity to support governments, but far more is being stolen.

We can all be placed on a scale from zero to autonomous for how we choose to live.

When a child is born, he or she is in a state of zero autonomy, completely dependent and incapable of making decisions far beyond his or her own bodily functions. Most people only partially grow out of this state and maintain a degree of subversion to the authorities of their lives. In a sense, we all do this to some degree to the extent that we allow the emotional manipulations and bullying of others to compromise our respect for our own individual will.

Those of us who embrace the moral message of freedom tend to treat ourselves with more respect.
When you understand the value of your own decision-making capacity, you tend to respect it more. You don't put up with abusive relationships with individuals or groups—a partner who takes advantage of you or a government.

You don't live by the expectations of others, but rather your energies are free to pursue a fully actualized life.
You feel no guilt or shame in seeing your world as it is and molding it to your desires.
You meet your fellows with the same love and respect that you have for yourself.

Those string pullers at the top of the current system would tell you that except for the few elites, humans are incapable of true autonomy, not independence, but spiritual, emotional, and psychological autonomy.
They would tell you that most people were born followers. Sheep. Mindless pack animals. And from looking around us today, they might be right. But you don't have to be one of the elites to decide that you are going to be the alpha of your own life! Your circumstances are irrelevant to the attitude by which you CHOOSE to live your life!

Most of us today live relatively sad, pathetic lives that are planned out for us—in which the relevance of our intent and preferences is insignificant compared to the people who tell us what to eat, what to wear, what to think, how to live, and who to work for.

Alphas emerge to exploit the rest of us, but by and large, the human animal is one that submits to fear and intimidation, and cowers in the face of tyranny.

Your Destiny

While it is tempting to be pessimistic, and today it is all too easy to lose hope—IT IS NOT OUR DESTINY TO LIVE LIKE CATTLE!

The gift of the human consciousness is too much to be squandered. We all have the capacity to be the alphas of our own lives. To say that you should be free, as libertarians would make the case, is to say that you deserve better.

You are a free, beautiful independent human being and you should never let anyone tell you otherwise. To wake up to the message of freedom, to see the light of logic, to understand what it means to BE FREE—is not just a call for a handful of political positions, is not just a set of beliefs, is not a mere box to be checked, IT IS A CALLING TO BE A BETTER PERSON!

As long as we remain as pack animals, we will be restrained by those who would exploit us. As long as we willingly accept the subversion of our own potential, we will remain in such a childlike state of immaturity, uncertainty, and subservience. This is about how you think, how you act, how you treat other people, what you eat, what you buy, who you associate with, and how you appreciate the unique gift that is your own will. The message of freedom demands better people.

Step up.

Adam Kokesh

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