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Monday, July 28, 2014

Running out of time: Will the US attack the US again?

Running out of time Will the US attack the US again

Guest Post By Dennis Cimino

 As the United States collapses financially, and the dollar declines, is another massive FALSE FLAG self-inflicted wound imminent?

It is painfully clear that the United States Government is rapidly running out of time with regard to the rapid implosion of the U.S. economy, where the ineffectual attempts to start an obfuscating war with Russia in the staged shoot down of an airliner over the Ukraine. The plane has proven to have been full of ‘over ripe’ cadavers, which may have been killed during the takeover of MH-370 in March.
Much propaganda has been spouted about an economic turnaround with such obtuse and obviously ‘out of touch’ declarations that ‘fewer layoffs are occurring’ in the U.S. jobs market, all at a time when ‘tent cities’ are rapidly proliferating and expanding around the nation. By some expert’s astute estimate, one in ‘3’ American’s is not only not working when they probably would be in the labor force, but they are no longer looking for work.
We have a record estimate of upwards of nearly 65 million American’s on SNAP food assistance right now, with that number growing each week. Manufacturing in this nation has all but ground to a halt at this point with much more evidence showing more people are forced to work in unskilled and temporary jobs than ever before, due to the manufacturing downturn in this country.
Add to this the fact that at this same time, the government has been laying away–in vast tunnel cities and bunker structures–huge amounts of food and provisions, all being trucked into them by the nation’s major trucking firms at a frenetic pace over the past several years. Military vehicles, predominantly NEW and fresh MRAPs, have been shipped nationwide, many of them in United Nations white trucks with U.N. markings on them. Were these all a false flag? Were the truckloads of ammunition being carried under hazmat placards also an illusion? Were the massive numbers of military command and control trailers and mobile command centers also not reality?
It would appear that the rapid disconnect from the U.S. dollar, specifically the most recent meeting in Brazil by Russia and China to form their own bank–independent of the FED and WORLD BANK who are Rothschilds creations–seems to indicate that the stage is being set for a very, very, less than soft landing for the U.S. economy in the near term. Many have stated that the death of the dollar won’t happen overnight. As obviously truthful as this is, it is nonetheless very disingenuous to state that, as the world strides ardently away from reliance upon the petrodollar, nothing will happen here in the U.S. How naïve are we supposed to be to ‘ignore’ the astronomical increases in costs of food in the stores as of late? How stupid are we supposed to be to presume that as the dollar ‘tanks’ globally that all will be fine here at home?


The United States, via Victoria Nuland, installed a puppet regime in the Ukraine, with the intent to provoke a hot war with the Russians over this transgression committed by the West under U.S. hegemony. So far, all indications are–with the recent dissolution of the Ukraine government–that the ‘collapse’ there has actually begun and, by winter, it’ll be all but a ‘fait accompli’ that the Ukraine will be freezing to death, because there is no plan in place for Russia to restore the natural gas they need this winter to heat their homes and survive. While the shoot-down of a cadaver-filled airliner over the Ukraine may have failed to provoke a war, it surely has hastened global awareness of how intrinsically linked and timed the Gaza offensive by Israel was to this grotesque event. Coincidence?
ZIO-NATO has made assertions that U.S. military advisers will be used on the ground in Ukraine under Kiev control, to fend off a burgeoning Pro Russian resistance that seems to be taking control of more of the Ukraine by the day, in spite of their military lack of air assets and armor which has not been provided by Putin thus far.
Is it unfair or insane to assume that, once U.S. military boots arrive on the ground in Ukraine as ‘advisors’, Putin will have no choice but to overtly start to provide the Russian loyalists with aircraft and armor support? It is becoming very clear that as the entire globe plunges further into economic duress, that the ZIO-NATO alliance is hell-bent-for-leather to provoke Russia into a war that could effortlessly escalate into a thermonuclear exchange, once it has become clear that the scope of containing it strictly to conventional weapons has been abrogated.
In light of all of these developments, coupled with the rising global unrest in country after country, it is becoming clear that a ‘perfect storm’ is about to become painfully clear as the oligarchy runs out of wiggle room with the unfettered printing of more fiat currency which seems to only benefit the very wealthiest amongst us and does nothing for the impoverished who are barely surviving the economic collapse of the ponzi-schemes ‘tent’ ongoing.


Today I came upon an article on a website that seemed to at first glance seem to be more ‘fear porn’ than substantiable fact of life, but in it’s own right seemed also to be all too very plausible. This particular scenario shows the regions of the U.S. covered in an apparently ‘vast’ exercise called GRID EX. Grid Ex is supposed to involve such a large amount of the alphabet soup agencies in place to protect the HOMELAND that by any estimation if it actually begins to be put into play, leaves one asking what the real purpose is in staging this type of exercise. This is the apparent exercise map:

Ironically many of these MOA’s (military operations areas) are not depicted as such on existing F.A.A. charts. Here depicted above are the coastal ADIZ (air defense identification zones) with RESTRICTED AIRSPACE in the ORANGE BOXES. Pink circles are airport control zones. Green are the Enroute Center Boundaries:

Now, given the fact that in the top most map, much of these war game locations are actually taking place offshore of the continental U.S., inferring either NAVAL activity or possibly a composite of airborne and shipborne participants. Only a few of these locations are land-locked, meaning the brunt of this is to not happen over much of the continental U.S., but off shore. As this is allegedly a GRID exercise, how much of the nation’s power grid is offshore? Any guesses?


Needless to say, with the execution of such a large scale GRID exercise, the significant question that should be asked is, “Why now?” Why conduct any exercise with the nation’s decrepit and falling apart ‘power grid’ when it is so prone to cascade effect failures of entire areas not localized contained ones, the actual act of ‘tripping offline’ any of the grid given this glaring fact means that someone is playing with ‘fire’ here.
Example given: Say, during the exercise, someone trips regional power offline in an area served by not one but a handful of nuclear power stations. Inadvertently the Laws of Murphy kick in and ‘voila’ a whole area goes dark, and emergency diesel generators at any number if not all of the plants is unable to sustain the cooling pumps required to safely cool the ‘scrammed’ reactor plants.
In hours, massive radiation filled steam releases to prevent the containment blow outs would then ensue, and the very tempermental MOX FUELED plants in some of these locations which do not readily cool down too very evenly, begin to melt down in the reactor cores. In a day we have FUKUSHIMA times ‘X’ number of plants so tripped offline without cooling to prevent the overheating. Then what? Call FEMA?
This is merely one scenario that ends very very badly. It’s a given that so much of the infrastructure of the nation’s power grid is not only limping along on borrowed time, but is perhaps the most intolerant of Chernobyl style monkeying around with the controls by virtue of shutting off parts of the grid in any GRID EX they may kick off. Let’s say that the scenario above has less than a one-in-a-million chance of happening to the degree I pointed out. Given that, would it make sense to taunt the genie in those bottles in so many locations which are surrounded by millions of unsuspecting and undeserving to be killed by radiation, people? I don’t think so.


It has been surmised that as the U.S. military has now pretty much pre-positioned the MRAPS and the food provisions into the tunnels and complexes underground, that they are more or less ready for ‘show time’ now. Any number of politco’s on the Hill have expressed concern over vulnerability to EMP attack, when translated, means that in the aggregate, someone is looking for a way to turn a disaster into a money maker. No politician ever acts in the public interest–ever!
Given this–together with the failed attempts to trigger both social unrest in the U.S. via FALSE FLAGS and the irresponsible fomenting of police brutality incidents nationwide, which serve only to enrage and frighten and even disenfranchise the average citizen, making them leery of authority, particularly police authority–we now have a very bad situation where public trust of all politicians and police is at an all time low, and hence it is the same for any government agency as well.
As the economy is now in unchecked full-blown collapse mode, with the potential for at least some cities to erupt into some form of violent outbursts due to the hardships, one has to wonder just how much time the power’s that be have left before they MUST take the initiative and stage another 911 style event to control the agenda and force MARTIAL LAW full implementing across the nation and maybe across the earth.


The age old question is this: “Is it better to react to a set of circumstances you have very little control of, or is it better to frame or STAGE the fomenting situation in a way where you assume control from the onset and never relinquish it?” It’s clear that as the government has prepared, and stocked up, and ammo’d up, and split the nation into ‘10’ FEMA regions of governance by people not elected by anyone, that perhaps these same monsters who have bankrupted the nation and destroyed it economically, are now truly so pressed for time that the only real choice is a massive FALSE FLAG event to catalyze their response and provide a military solution to their slipping away by the minute, prospects of containing the blowback once the nation fully collapses economically.
The BRICS are stacked. The dollar is rapidly being unplugged globally. As this ensues at breakneck speed, primarly due to the world’s seeing the enemy–and he is ‘us’ as in ‘U.S.’ (and Britain and Canada and Australia)– it is becoming apparent that the unipolar world we lived in has now morphed into one that is less threatened by the dying legions of the collapsing empire that is the U.S.
Given this, it is painfully clear to me the U.S. must start another GLOBAL WAR to save the dollar, or face isolation and growing boycotting economically in a world that has so quickly learned that it is not necessary to kowtow to the beast that is U.S. zionist hegemony, any longer. Few nations are doing this out of sport, they are doing this out of not having a desire to go down with us. Will the U.S. in it’s death throes toss the one hail mary pass it has left in the playbook of FALSE FLAGS and self-inflict another massive wound in another 9/11 attack on itself?
Let’s put it this way. Time is running out. Desperate men take desperate measures. It’s painfully clear that as that clock nears ‘zero hour’ with regard to a global financial implosion, the zionists who rule us have few cards left to deal now. As Gaza is plundered and destroyed and the U.S. implodes, one can only wonder how much time we have before the next 9/11 happens on a much grander and more deadly scale, given the fact that nobody is buying the war that Rothschilds/Goldman Sachs is selling them. It is apparent something will snap soon. This is not fear mongering. It is, unfortunately, the sad reality we face.
Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s.

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