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Monday, July 28, 2014

Individualism - They Cannot Predict or Control YOU

Guest Post by Erik Garcés

What protesting is, or any other collective action, is ultimately an act of insanity. Because as Einstein described it, repeating a task and expecting a different result each time is an act of insanity.

History has proven conclusively that each and every method which has been tried against the State, and by extension the money power elite who own the world, has FAILED. What should be evident is as the awakening masses come to realize this, it takes more and more state violence under the cover of sumptuary law for the power structure to maintain control.


[] Elections have not worked. The ballots are rigged. The candidates preselected, so your choice is irrelevant anyway.

[] Law suits have not worked. The judges are owned, the laws skewed to favor the system above all else.

[] Protests have not worked. Brutality or indifference renders them moot. Many of which are controlled arguments and thus irrelevant.

[] Petitions are ignored. Ballot initiatives are thwarted by the courts. See above.[] Strikes never get enough participants. And in this country at least, are widely viewed as collectivist and derided.

[] Opposition movements are quickly co-opted or counter movements raised as a dialectic is built. To wit: the Tea Party vs. Occupy.

[] Violence is counter productive and is actually what the state is best prepared for.

All of these methodologies are used to waste the activist's energies into frustration. To divert your resources into avenues which the system tolerates as legally acceptable and ultimately non threatening to the system itself. Wake up and realize we are repeating the insanity by continuing to choose the methods which have repeatedly failed. We must use the opposite consciousness to solve this problem, we must see the world anew. Just walk away. Withdraw your consent. If the problem is collectivism then the answer is individual action. The elite fear this most, because they cannot predict or control YOU. They can only influence group dynamics... The TEA Party, Occupy Wall St., mass media and society at large.

Like quicksand, the more you struggle, the more you will be ensnared. The more you ignore them, the less powerful they become. The more of us ignore them, eventually they will become irrelevant. This is how Obama has defeated the opposition Congress. For those who recognize just how truly unique and precious individual liberty really is, we stand in awe of the founding fathers and I have met many well meaning people who differ not in goals but applications of solutions. However, we need to stop worshiping the Constitution. As any of the founders would have told you, its just a piece of paper. A meaningless document unless WE are educated, informed and engaged ourselves, because government is not a separate entity. It is us - if we mean to self govern. Of course this is not the case today where we have a national state, which was never supposed to exist. We recoil in disgust as it places itself above not only the once sovereign several states which created it, but above the individual as well.

Why, how and when could take volumes to fill and that is MORE than adequately covered ad-nauseam in countless places.

What I insist upon is that we stop banging our heads against a wall. We have to get off the hamster wheel which society approves for effecting "change". All are colossal wastes of time because not one of them has ever given us a meaningful and lasting difference against the march of statism. Elections, courts, protests... and yes violent revolution are worse than ineffective, they actually help the system. Its called a revolution for a reason. Because its a circle: you wind up where you started from.

If at once it is understood precisely, exactly how the control grid is constructed and maintained, then it becomes quickly evident how to destroy it. As Stephen Biko said, "The mind of the oppressed is the most potent weapon of the oppressor." The answers may sound simple, but they are far from easy. If we truly mean to change the world, then the answer lies not in collective action to correct problems born of collectivism! NO. The opposite consciousness solution lies within the individual. YOU yourself must be the change you seek.

This process begins within.

1. STOP BANKING. Owe no debt. Avoid at all costs borrowing and the use of credit/debit cards. Use gold and silver whenever possible and accumulate as much as you can. Storing your wealth in a bank is not just dumb, it helps the system. Cut off the lifeblood of their debt and death based empire.

2. BE SELF SUFFICIENT. Get off the power grid and use solar or hydro power. Grow your own food and keep livestock. If this is not possible, eat locally grown, small independent business farmer's foods. Own tools, learn to service your assets. Stop relying on others to repair or operate what you should be doing.

3. Avoid using modern health care systems. Learn to be your own first responder, choose alternative practitioners and study how the body uses foods so you can understand how so many so called diseases are really the body's reaction to poor nutritional choices. Study how many poisons are legally in supermarket foods. See how the best foods never come in a box. The latest in emergency medicine is the best the world's ever seen. If you need that, use it. Then pay cash - insurance is a trap. Find out about the rarely advertised cash paid discounts.

4. Never call the police. These costumed enforcers for the state are not your friends, and the law's involvement in your life almost never benefits you. At best, they show up afterwards and take a report. At worst? The horror stories are too numerous and easily found to argue against and remain honest. Again, self sufficient - if you cannot defend it, you don't really own it. Firearms are tools no different than a wrench or screwdriver, and owning the right tools for the job is common sense.

5. Unplug from the programming of the corporate monopoly media system. Everything produced there is for your consumption, whether to generate the public's consent or distract you from news they really don't want you discussing with your neighbors. More importantly, much of the so called alternative media is fed disinformation, so learn to be an informed consumer of news. Is it news you can use, or does this news use you?

6. ALL governance is by consent of the governed therefore the schools and media are designed to keep you emotionally invested. Forever arguing about process, and personality but never fully recognizing that the real problem is the very system itself. As Noam Chomsky explains, “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

Therefore the most misunderstood and vehemently resisted tactic is to stop voting in federal elections. When you vote in a federal election you legitimatize the system because the ballot is emphatically NOT about choosing government. Its about giving credibility to the puppet of the moment. The record of the last century is stark proof that elections change nothing. If you'll note, each of these means withdrawing your consent, your participation in their control system. It must have you within it to function. Christians among us will recognize that evil has no power other than that we lend it. All evil has is illusion, and deception. By deceiving the masses into believing that the people actually control the plantation, the slaves have no idea that they're really livestock.

Local elections on the other hand are vital and relatively ignored - always be well informed and vote in these. Then be prepared to hold their feet to the fire, know who these people are and make sure they know YOU. This is different from organizing, this is community building. There's a reason the corporate monopoly media only focuses on the national level games. Low voter education and participation at the local level allows them to sneak in the most horrendous of acts.

Its one of the definitions of insanity to repeat a task and expect a different result each time. Since no election, protest, petition or lawsuit has made any meaningful or lasting changes to the criminality of this illegitimate government, why would a rational and thinking person believe otherwise? As long as the majority of Americans still believe there actually are differences between parties, or think that their votes make a difference - as long as close to half of Americans are dependent upon government, absolutely nothing will change. Switching from Democrat to Republican only changes one thing: the visible means of advance towards statism, nothing more. Recall the contrasts between Bush and Obama as touted by the presstitutes, only to see this current puppet essentially continue so many of his predecessor's policies unchanged?

I say this with humble sincerity, and not to offend: if you don't yet understand this then you are insufficiently informed. Persisting in the belief that there really can be 'change' is delusional. The false dilemma choices between Democrat or Republican candidates or, getting caught up in pointless debates between "tea baggers" and progressives" is really about keeping you emotionally invested in the process and distracted with arguments that ultimately mean little of consequence to the system itself.

Ask yourself: how is it that after decades of back and forth electoral changes in party, the march of ever expanding government and contracting liberty hasn't changed? We've been programmed for irrelevancies instead of discussing important issues like:

- A privately (and substantially foreign) owned banking cartel, misleadingly known as a government agency, issues the public's currency as debt serviced by income taxation. The cartel's legally tax exempt profits derived from the 6% interest on every dollar in circulation realized an $89.1 billion return for the 'Federal' Reserve during 2010. Its the reason why its mathematically impossible to retire the national debt. Its the reason your dollar always buys less and less. It's theft of your savings, your purchasing power, your hard earned cash.

- Communist China has five times the population but HALF the amount of people in prison. Yes, America the land of the 'free' has the world's largest percentage, and in raw numbers, of its population incarcerated. Twenty five percent of the entire global populace of prisoners are HERE in the supposed bastion of liberty. At the height of Stalin's terror, there were less incarcerated people per 100,000 than there are in America today. This is shameful and if we were talking about another nation we'd be describing them as barbaric or 'Third World'.

The third way, or an opposite consciousness mindset means using ideas that which have not been used widely. Ideas which have been proven before and thus the system actively discourages even their discussion. The withdrawal of your consent; remove yourself from the system's games and refuse to participate. Live as independently of the system as is possible. This is what the system fears most and cannot do much to stop. This way of life addresses root causes and ignores futile 'band aid' symptom solutions. Which is what ideas on trying to effect changes from within the system actually are.

Think for yourself, listen to more than just the corporate monopoly media.

Just as a rancher allows his herd to free range the prairie because it makes them more productive, the system allows you to vote. It perpetuates the myth of self determination for the human chattel. This is the reality of America today. If you refuse to understand this and insist we need to work within the system to change it, then you're delusional. Psychologically this is called cognitive dissonance.

The masters of the system have legions of researchers funded via their control of central banking's money from nothing and they've studied human psychology and use the science as a tool to keep us under their control. But that system remains viable only for as long as they maintain a monopoly on information via state controlled schools and corporate media. The internet has made possible for the first time in human history, for the average person to know and really understand they way the world works. As we see that breaking down, we've seen more and more chaos, state violence and legal mechanisms to keep the human cattle on the tax farm. Escaping the plantation cannot happen collectively, as it requires the individual to act. That is what they fear most, because their systems are designed to detect mass movements. To predict and influence group activities. To control the herd. This is why the TEA party and Occupy Wall Street fail.

All it needs to collapse, is for you to simply walk away.


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