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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meltdown America: A Warning From Survivors

 Guest Post by Jeff D. Opdyke

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
— George Santayana
There’s a perception in our country that America is so exceptional that the trials and tribulations — and outright social catastrophes — that rock other countries in the world simply cannot happen on our shores. We’re the biggest, the strongest, the richest. We are America. And we have divine immunity.
Ahh, the power of the mind to mask the facts we refuse to accept.

We are a deeply troubled nation, riven by political dysfunction, angst-ridden by social disquiet, addled by so much debt — more debt, $125 trillion, than ever accumulated in history — that we will never be able to completely repay it without radically devaluing the dollar or radically raising taxes and cutting government services.

Yet we watch meltdowns in other countries and never consider for an instant that, just maybe, something like that could happen here. 
But we’re closer to that tipping point than you think.

Casey Research is launching a special video today called Meltdown America, which takes an in-depth look at three people who survived economic and political collapse in Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe and Argentina. Now, I know no one will think that America would ever devolve to such a degree that it would mimic the path of any of those three countries. But I will remind you that a century ago, America and Argentina were vying to hemispheric superiority … and Argentina lost because of asinine political choices within government.
I was invited by Casey Research to appear in the video to discuss the likelihood of a similar meltdown happening in America. As a nation, we have reached the point where we, too, are making asinine political choices in government, and those choices threaten the lifestyle that you and I know as normal. I want you to watch this video with an open mind. Do not immediately assume that none of this can happen to America. It can.

And it probably will.

To survive, you must be willing to see what you don’t want to accept … and willing to make moves that others will call crazy. Remember: It’s never those who stay behind that survive. It’s those who act to get out of the way of an unpleasant future that live to tell the stories of how it all fell apart.

To watch this unfolding tale of collapse and survival, click on the video below.

Until next time, stay Sovereign …

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