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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Latest Report from Italy - Ebola in Italy?, Off limits to Local Pisa Hospital, Patients with Fever, Public in Fear

 From Italian press

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Something strange is happening in Pisa, St. Flushing. Since a few days, about 40 illegal immigrants recovered at sea by the fanatics of Mare Nostrum and from Senegal, Mali and Ghana - all areas affected by Ebola or in the vicinity of the outbreak - come in Pisa last Friday off limits in the structure of St. Flushing .
Doors closed and impossible to contact. Everything is mysterious. It has come to the knowledge of the question because of the association with some exalted Africa Together has been denied access to the facility.
To explain the reasons for the "no" to the request for access has been the commissioner of the city of Pisa social Sandra Capuzzi. It is not a reassuring explanation.
"At the base - he says - the recommendation of the doctor who visited them in the early hours and he recommended a few days of peace and quiet. Some 'refugees' have developed a' little 'fever', others conjunctivitis. Open the door now would pave the way for a bustle that we would not submit them at least for a few days. " A little 'fever. The typical initial symptom of a disease that we do not want to name.
"The health practices are still in progress: blood tests and screening are yet to be completed. We counted close to this stage in 48 hours, but missed the instructions of the Ministry with respect to the support structures has slowed down time. "
The only ones who have received permission to enter the property, in addition to the cooperative Paim who has been entrusted with the management, the cooperative Bridge, the Arch and the North-South Centre, "namely individuals who together with the Company's Health SPRAR are part of the project, and they're also paying legal assistance to migrants to the wording of the questions of asylum, where it is possible. "
The commissioner Capuzzi then reassures him: as soon as the fever is gone and refugees have recovered a little 'peace of access to the structure of St. Flushing will be possible.

A position reiterated the Councillor to the integration of the Province of Pisa Silvia Pagnin: "I'm going on the organizational meetings to plan the activities for migrants visitors to St. Flushing. Once you have secured a few days of peace and quiet do not think there will be no problem to open the doors to Africa together and with other associations.
These characters are concerned with ghostly associations and their 'guests'. If you do not care for medical emergencies, knowing that Mali has diagnosed many cases of Ebola and some still under investigation come from Senegal.

We will continue to monitor the events and update. 

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