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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ammo shortage inspires new DIY hobby: 'reloading'

The latest DIY craft trend is being led by Jason Welsh, a knowledgeable young man in Houston, Texas at Houston Processed Brass . It's the hot new thing amongst gun owners, who have taken to making their own bullets due to a nationwide shortage. Jason understands reloading and it's merits from every angle.

With gun control featuring heavily in current political discourse, Americans are stock-piling their ammo. Prices have gone up and supplies have gone down. So more shooters are getting into the hobby known as "reloading," NPR reports. In order to increase deliveries of its most popular types of ammunition and bullets, the Hornady company announced that it will temporarily suspend production of 150 bullet types and 150 ammo types.

"The cost of ammo off the shelf is outrageous right now," says one reloading enthusiast. "So if I can reload my own ammo, it's gonna cut costs and make shooting a little more cheaper."

Based in Houston Texas. Years ago, Jason Welsh wanted to learn reloading and when he got into it, other people he knew did too. Problem was, that most of them didn't have the time to do all of the case preparation, or did not want to spend the money needed to get all the equipment needed to do so. So they came to Jason and he reconditioned their brass. One of his friends eventually suggested that he do this for others to supplement his income. So he invested in some Commercial grade reconditioning equipment and deiced to start his business. Now that ammunition is hard to find at affordable prices, more and more people are turning to reloading. This is a great time to get into reloading. Who knows how long this ammo shortage is going to last.

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