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Monday, May 20, 2013

America: A Modern-Day Sparta

Guest Post By Stephen Lendman

Permanent war is longstanding policy. America deplores peace. Throughout its history, it's waged war annually at home and/or abroad. Today it does so globally.

Giving peace a chance is loathed. Direct or proxy wars rage in multiple countries.

"Yes we can" reflects Obama's pro-war, pro-imperial, pro-ravage, plunder and dominate agenda. He prioritizes it. He abhors human rights,  equity, justice, and other democratic values. Rogue leaders operate that way.

Rule of law principles are spurned. Constitutional protections no longer apply. Any nation, organization or person designated a state enemy is targeted.

"Change you can believe in" is polar opposite of what most people expected. America's empire of bases is global. US special forces operate in over 120 countries. Proxy death squads supplement them. CIA agents and assets are everywhere.

Washington's Blog said America's waging 74 wars. It's "fighting or 'helping' some force in some proxy struggle that has been deemed beneficial by the nation's masters of war."

At the same time, it's waging "many more covert wars." It bears repeating, the very notion of peace is abhorrent. Waging war is prioritized.

Paul Craig Roberts calls America a "gangster state." He does so for good reason. Its domestic and foreign policies reflect it. No nation ever harmed more people in more ways globally. None ever spurned rule of law principles more egregiously.

Waging war on terror's a ruse. It's duplicitous subterfuge. America's had no enemies since Japan surrendered in August 1945. Manufactured ones substitute.

They're easy to create. Media scoundrels convince people. Repeating Big Lies ad nauseam works. No terror threat whatever exists.

Polls show the power of mind manipulation. In late April, a New York Times/CBS News poll showed an astonishing 90% of Americans believe they'll "always have to live with the risk of terrorism."

An equally astonishing 75% believe restricting civil liberties is OK. Over one-fourth said existing policy measures aren't enough. Another near 50% said they're about right.

Only 20% said government went too far. Nearly 80% accept mass surveillance. People believe it reduces the threat of terrorism.

No wonder America wages war on humanity easily. It does so at home and abroad. Domestic opposition barely exists. It bodes ill for what's likely coming.

Most people are mindless of what threatens their security, welfare and futures. They're comfortable with what's destroying them in plain sight. They can't see the forest through the trees.

They're oblivious to a clear, present and ominous danger. It may end up destroying them. Extrajudicial, unchecked, imperial carte blanche war on the world is policy. There's no place to hide. No one's immune. Peace doesn't stand a chance.

Bashar al-Assad understands. He's struggling to let Syria survive. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) published his interview with Argentina's Clarin newspaper and Telam news agency. His comments were candid and forthright.

He blamed "foreign interference" for Syria's conflict. Most Syrians "reject all forms of external intervention. For us, it is a matter of safeguarding Syria."
(O)ur level of force relate to the types of weapons and terrorism techniques we are dealing with as well as our ultimate goal of protecting the lives of civilians and the country as a whole. 
Terrorism can never be the instrument to achieve reforms. What interest does an internationally listed terrorist from Chechnya or Afghanistan have with the internal political reform process in Syria? 
How is the legitimate demand for reform linked with terrorist activities adopted by radicalized foreign fighters? 
Recent credible reports show that there are approximately 29 nationalities of foreign fighters engaged in terrorism activities within Syria's borders.
He stressed his commitment to political reforms. Many have been implemented, he said.

"The essence of any political solution is the aspirations of the Syrian people, decided by the ballot boxes." Syrians alone must decide. No outside interference is justified. International law prohibits it.

Asked his view on the US/Russian proposed peace conference, he reiterated support for all ways to end violence diplomatically. A political settlement depends on it, he stressed.

At the same time, he's justifiably "skeptical of the genuine intentions of certain western administrations towards seeking a realistic political solution."
This caution is based on their continued support of terrorist groups in Syria. We are dedicated to pursuing a political solution, yet there are powers who are pressing for the failure of such a solution. This is a two-way process; it needs commitment from all sides. 
(F)oreign-based opposition elements (are) far from autonomous independent decision makers. Their policies are crafted by the countries that give them leverage. 
(They) survive on the aid given to them by their patron states, in essence manipulated by the nations that provide their flow of finance. 
They live under the auspice and control of their intelligence agencies and thus submit to what is imposed upon them. 
Therefore their decisions are not self-governing; most significantly, they lack a popular base in Syria. 
It's well-documented¦that they have until last week clearly and repeatedly rejected political dialogue.
He stressed his commitment "to a comprehensive national dialogue (with) all who have a genuine desire to participate, with no exclusions."

He rejects doing so with terrorists. "There is no state that would ever negotiate with terrorists. However, we welcome those who lay down their weapons and engage in constructive political dialogue."

Peaceful conflict resolution's impossible when external forces support terrorism, he stressed. "Guns and dialogue are clearly incompatible."
Our assumption is that these countries would not cease this policy as their main goal is to undermine and thus weaken the Syrian state. 
Even when we succeed in reaching a Syrian-led political agreement, certain countries such as Qatar, Turkey and others will continue to work to fuel violence and terrorism in Syria. 
Therefore, our main precedence from an international conference is an immediate cessation of finance and weapons that are regularly streamed into Syria, placing emphasis on preventing the terrorists and fighters from being flooded into Syria principally through Turkey, with financial support primarily from Qatar and also from other Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia.
He understands "major international powers" are involved. So is Israel.

Asked if he'd step down, he said "Syrian people will decide whether I remain in office or not.Through the constitution and the presidential elections in 2014, the people will decide."

He rejects Obama, Kerry or other external figures interfering in Syria's internal affairs. They have no mandate to speak for Syrians.
To be even more concise and clear, we are an independent state, we are a people who respect ourselves and our right to self-determination. 
We do not accept for anyone to dictate to us how to act, whether it is the United States or any other country.
Syria's in crisis, he stressed. "Any abandonment of my duties now is an attempt to escape from responsibility and I'm not the type of person who runs away from his responsibilities."

He categorically denied repeated allegations that Syria used chemical weapons. They're "a clear pretext for military intervention. It is common knowledge that western administrations lie continuously and manufacture stories as a pretext for war."

Washington and other major powers "delegated Israel to commit its aggression in order to improve the morale of the terrorist groups."

They did so because Syrian forces "shift(ed) the balance of power on the ground. (They want) to prolong the violence and bloodshed (to) significantly weaken the Syrian state." He believes "military action" may be forthcoming.
The primary aim of the West is to ensure that they have 'loyal' governments at their disposal, similar to those administrations that existed previously in Latin America, which facilitate the exploitation and consumption of a country's national resources. 
A country like Syria is not by any means a satellite state to the West. Syria is an independent state working for the interests of its people, rather than making the Syrian people work for the interests of the West. 
It is only normal that they would not want us to play a role, preferring instead a puppet government serving their interests and creating projects that would benefit their peoples and economies. 
Syria is strategically placed not just for oil and gas projects, but also to shift the balance of power between the major players.
Previous peace initiatives failed. Another won't fare better. Washington prioritizes failure. War is longstanding policy.

America's a worldwide belligerent. Unchallenged global dominance matters most. Independent governments aren't tolerated.

All means are employed to oust them. Pro-Western satellite regimes are sought. Iran's America's principal regional target. War plans were readied years ago.

Replacing Assad's government makes them easier to implement. So does eliminating Lebanon's Hezbollah. America's coalition partners include key NATO allies, Israel, and regional rogue states.

They're committed to war. They abhor peace. They menace humanity. They may end up destroying it. Their arsenals make it easy. Don't bet against their use full force.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War. Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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