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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Are Not Doing Anything Wrong

Guest Post by Lion

...but their are multiple gaggles of bureaucratic nut case parasites with a lot to answer for. 

So here you are. 

One day, you wake up to find yourself living in the U S S Amerika - when for your whole life, you have been taught 'the big lie' - 

IE: you were living in the "Land of the Free and the home of the Brave".
No wonder so, so many, are in denial, and choose to stay asleep.
They can't wrap their heads around such deep rooted madness.
In a recent conversation, I listened to someone tell me - "I don't want to believe it. I can't believe it - so I won't. It gives me a headache." 

However, if you are one who is able to see, have broad enough shoulders to know better, and are NOT blinded by the idiocy of it all - you have a right to be indignant.
Better yet, if you are worth your salt as a human being, it is your duty to be aware and righteously angered. 

Because, you have a responsibility to other human beings - not just yourself.
No one ever said you were put on this Earth ONLY to smell the roses in your garden and sing chum-by-ah. 

There are times when it is your responsibility to pull the weeds out of your garden, and nurture the roses. 

Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Evil prevails when good men are prevented from doing anything - via a dictator's edict. 

In this mad and depraved world the controllers have created, the controllers want you to believe that darkness is light, and light is darkness. 

If you use common sense, and maintain the notion that Light is Light - you are not doing anything wrong - it's the controllers who are demented psychopaths. 

If you would simply like to live free from the heel-snipping control parasites who have slithered out from stinking depths of the bureaucratic cesspool to infest humanity - you are not doing anything wrong, no matter how much the MINDLESS talking heads try to lay their guilt trip on you. 

If you are fed up with maniacs making war on humanity in YOUR name - you are not doing anything wrong, but it's the maniacs who thrive on killing who are the pitiful examples for humanity. 

If you believe that you are entitled to the fruits of YOUR labor - because YOU did the work - you are not doing anything wrong. 

The tax and spend parasites of the public sector who produce nothing are not only wrong - they are sadistic, sick, and evil. 

If you choose not to participate in a societal system of depravity and wickedness, you are not doing anything wrong, even if the psychotic controllers demand that you participate.
If you understand it is every persons duty to protect their self and their families from depraved despots, you are not doing anything wrong. 

If you choose not to endorse or obey idiotic policy touted as 'law' from self-serving, lunatic whack jobs in the public sector - you are not doing anything wrong, simply because the only bigger fool than a self-serving whack job in the public sector - is the one who perceives the lunatic whack job as lawful authority. 

If you believe the only lawfully authorized duty of a 'peace officer' is to protect and serve the community - you are not doing anything wrong. 

It is only the demented control freak/testosterone junky's who put on a uniform and give their self unearned authority because the carry a weapon that can kill you - who are way out of the protecting and serving humanity line. 

If you see through the corrupt doublespeak of the so - called 'judicial' system, where every rule laid down therein - is designed to usurp the rights of the individual - serve only the state - and give every opportunity for more control by the state over the individual - you are not doing anything wrong. 

It is the entirety of the insane legal system, which is purposely built on fraud, deception, and doublespeak - a system designed to serve ONLY the corrupt legal system - that is THE pox on justice and humanity. 

If you understand the love of money, greed, power, and control - is the root of all evil - you are not doing anything wrong. 

It is those who try to instill in your mind that love of money, greed, power, and control - should be your guiding principles - and you should emulate their outlook - are, in reality the sickest, most degenerate members of society. 

It's not you who is wrong.

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  1. This article pretty much hits the nail exactly square on the head.