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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Calculus of Genocide

Guest Post by Liberty Hollow

It is rare for those who commit evil acts to acknowledge that their actions are evil, even to themselves. Very often the evil-doer will justify his actions to himself and others by claiming some over-riding superior purpose or moral imperative which supposedly outweighs the 'disadvantages' of the evil act, or by altering his perception of his target, or both.  Historically, when action against a particular group is envisioned, (for the greater good of course,) that group is often depersonalized or demonized prior to action being taken.  After all, if the subjects of your depredations aren't human, then whatever happens to them is their own fault, isn't it?  (Well, NO, but that is a subject for another time.)  In any case, such moral inversions are common among those who commit evil acts.

Some of those who wield authority in these presently united States  have engaged in exactly this sort of psychopathic behavior.  Characterization of those who respect the Constitution and the rights of the individual as 'bitter clingers,' 'extremists' or even 'terrrorists' are an effort to depersonalize those who oppose the present stampede towards collectivist totalitarianism.   But those who presently wield authority have a problem.  Not only are most of those who oppose them armed, and resolutely intent on retaining their arms,  but the government does not know who they are or what weapons they possess. Not only that, but most of those who support the push towards victim disarmament are unarmed, and an unknown number of police and military members would probably fight on the side of the Constitutionalists. 

Opposing the totalitarian thugs are over 100 million gun owners in the various united States, owning hundreds of millions of guns, including up to as many as half a million or more 'illegal' unregistered machine guns.  Of those people,  at least half appear utterly determined to retain their arms, and their rights, whatever the cost.  It is impossible for those presently in authority to clamp down hard enough quickly enough on enough of these people to be certain that they could prevail in a civil war.  Unless they knew who owned the guns, and especially who owned arms of military utility.  That allows all sorts of incremental pressure to be put onto such persons, one by one, rather like the way a pack of hyenas extracts their prey from the herd.  Over time, if they knew who the gun-owners were, the authorities could marginalize, harrass and penalize gun owners for their 'unacceptable individualism,' just as the Mayor of Chicago is attempting to do with firearms manufacturers.

This is where the insidious evil of registration comes in.  The present Feinstein bill, if passed, will ignite an extremely bloody civil war which would likely end with the Constitutionalists winning the day, and the Marxists losing most if not all of the 'progress' that they have made during the last 100 years.  Rather than start a fight that they know they are probably going to lose, it appears that the approach may be to try to establish 'back-door' registration of both guns and owners by requiring universal background checks for ALL sales of firearms, including all private sales.

The honeyed voice of the tyrant will ask "Well, what is wrong with that?  Do we want deranged individuals buying weapons from 'private dealers?' Why won't you people be reasonable?" 

The answer is simple-  "NO! We have tolerated too many infringements already.  It is utterly unreasonable for you to ask me to surrender any more of my rights because of the utterly predictable result of your insane policy of disarming the victims."  What is wrong with this completely unreasonable idea is that criminals will not obey the law, and those who we most wish to disarm will not be disarmed.  The insanity of expecting the deranged or the criminal to play by the rules has been repeatedly demonstrated, and the dangers of allowing the government to know who has the guns has as well.

One of my inlaws who has since passed on, not Jewish but married to a Jew, some years ago became extremely upset by her discovery of the information available on the Internet.  She had apparently found out that there are various publishers who sell books on all sorts of topics, including explosives manufacture, how to make machine guns and flamethrowers, and all sorts of other topics involving applied violence.  She fumed, "It's absurd!  Nobody needs that sort of information!  That simply shouldn't be allowed!"  I calmly said "Really?  Why don't you tell the Jews in Warsaw that?"  "Warsaw?" she replied, puzzled, "I've been to Warsaw, and there aren't any Jews in Warsaw!"  At that point, her Jewish husband leaned over towards her and very quietly said, "Dear, you had better quit while you are behind." 

(Warsaw in 1939 had the largest Jewish community in Europe, about 375,000 Jews out of 1.3 million or 30% of the population.  There are in fact a few hundred registered Jews in Warsaw today.  Virtually all of the former inhabitants were murdered by the Nazis during WW2 or emigrated to Israel or the United States afterwards. Warsaw was the site of one of the most famous episodes of Jewish resistance to the Nazis during the Holocaust, the Warsaw Uprising.  Fewer than a hundred Jews resisted the Wehrmacht, SS and Gestapo for over a month.)

The point of this little vignette is that the German weapons control laws did not disarm the Jews on Kristalnacht (November 9th and 10th, 1938,  which was the start of the Nazi attempt to exterminate European Jewry.)   The disarmament of the Jews began many years before, with 'reasonable' registration and licensing laws, which got less and less reasonable over time.  Once disarmed, it became safe to blame the Jews, for the Germans knew that they had no arms.  They had the records, the registration, and they took the Jew's guns.  The rest, as they say, is history. 

Time after time, history tells us that registration is followed by confiscation, and once disarmed, by extermination.  It has happened dozens of times in the last century alone. THIS is the calculus of genocide, and it is pretty simple.


Even a six year old can integrate that calculus problem, and it is to protect our persons and our rights, and those of all such six year olds and all the rest of us out there, that the gun owners of these united States remain opposed to ANY further infringements on our individual rights.  When the honeyed voice of the tyrant asks us to 'be reasonable!' we remember the calculus of genocide and we say NO.

NO private sale 'background check' AKA Federal gun registration.
NO enabling of confiscation.
NO complicity in atrocity.

We remember the calculus of genocide and we say that not only will we not give up our weapons, we will NOT register them, or ourselves.  Anyone who stands for the insidious evil of registration stands for mass murder, for that is what history and the calculus of genocide teach us. 

Remembering the Holocaust, we say, "NEVER AGAIN!"

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