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Friday, August 10, 2012

You Have Rights, They Violate Them

Guest Post by Szandor Blestman

Click on the image to read them and decide for yourself what they mean to you. Never let others interpret your rights for you or you will lose them one by one.

The thing about rights that many people seem to forget is that nobody gives them to you. They come from the very fact that you were born a human being. They are your birthrights. That’s why they’re called natural rights, or god given rights, or individual rights, or even inalienable rights. No one can take these rights from you. They are yours whether you want them or not. It is up to you whether you exercise them or not, and like muscles, if you don’t use them, you’ll lose them.
There are those in this world who would say otherwise. They would make the claim that they give you rights. They would make the claim that they have the right to suspend your rights. They would make the claim that it is up to them to decide whether or not your rights should be honored. Who are they to decide? What supreme power decided that they are better than us and should dictate which rights should be honored, which rights shouldn’t, and when or where all this should happen? Some would make the claim that they have the right to take away all your rights and that they can do so legitimately because they were elected to office or hired by those who were elected to office or appointed their position by those who were elected to office. These claims are simply untrue. Your rights cannot be taken away, no matter the reason, no matter the circumstances. They can only be violated.
The only legitimate reason for violating an individual’s rights is because he has violated another individual’s rights. There are no group rights. There are no states’ rights. There are only privileges granted by those who have been entrusted with governing powers usually backed up by force of arms. When such privileges violate the rights of an individual, or a few individuals, those privileges should no longer be allowed in a free society. Such privileges have a tendency to be abused. Such privileges led to the rise of the European aristocracy and were among the reasons the republic of The United States of America was formed in the way it was formed. The government is supposed to protect the rights of the individual from those who would exercise their privileges in such a way as to violate the individual’s inalienable rights.
I heard recently someone say something to the effect that people who venerate the Constitution of the United States of America were acting like religious zealots. Yet the powers that be are always zealously trying to legalize their violations of natural rights. They salivate as they pontificate over the reasons they should be allowed to disregard the well reasoned out Bill of Rights and to legally violate individual rights. Such laws and violations have nothing to do with protecting the public, they have everything to do with creating a more authoritarian and controlling state, with giving the power elite even more power to abuse. This was the wrong path that was chosen long ago which has led us to the mess we find ourselves in now.
This discussion stems from 2nd amendment rights and the recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, but this is just the most recent iteration. Historically, such discussions go back much further. There was Virginia Tech, Columbine, the clock tower shootings in Texas, et al. None of these incidents can hold a candle to the mass murders committed by governments when they try to suppress the will of the people. None of these compare to the legalized murders committed by the psychopaths who use the force of law to commit sickening atrocities in the name of some collectivist political agenda supposedly put in place for the “greater good.” They start by trying to take as many weapons as possible from the populace so that it will be easier later to violate other individual rights that make it harder to oppress the masses.
The right to bear arms is not simply a right to gun ownership, it’s a right to defend yourself. Do you think you have a right to defend yourself? Do you think you have a right to defend your family? Your friends? Your community? Do you think you have the right to associate with others who wish to defend your community? Do you think you have the right to defend yourself from terrorists? Even if those terrorists are government agents who have decided they wish to violate all your rights and put you in prison for exercising your rights or demanding they respect your rights? These can be tough questions to answer, for at times like these sometimes the correct solutions are counter-intuitive.
It all boils down to who owns you. Do you own you? Really? Are you sure? Can you be so sure? If you do own yourself, can you do what you want (as long as you don’t harm another or damage or steal another’s property) without fear of government intrusion? Can you start a business? One that you’re interested in? Can you start one without buying a license? Can you start one without going to some school? Can you start one without asking permission from some government bureaucracy? Can you keep ALL the money you make to spend or save or use as you see fit? Can you own property? Do you really own your property, or do you have to pay the rent known as taxes? What would happen if you didn’t pay your taxes? Again, do you really own your property? Slaves can’t own property either. Slaves can’t keep the fruits of their labor. Slaves have their rights violated all the time, even the right to defend themselves and their family. Slaves are owned by someone else. Are you so sure you’re not owned by someone else?
Medieval serfs were also owned. Sure, they had their own homes that they lived in and their own land that they worked, but the lords of the lands laid claim to their crops. They were able to invade the home whenever they wanted for whatever reason. Usually they left their workers alone so long as they were productive, but if they started to make a fuss or said something their master didn’t like, watch out. There were worse abuses that took place, but what could one serf do about it? They usually had their weapons confiscated or were never allowed to own a sword, or bow, or knife, in the first place. Slaves can’t own weapons. Their masters were worried they’d be used on them. Serfs finally got tired of the abuse and commoners demanded more freedom. They demanded respect for their rights. How long until you are tired of the abuse?
It’s not just the right to self defense that is at risk here, it is all individual rights. Once the guns are gone, the powers that be have nothing to worry about. The criminal element can go wild, the globalists can come in and save us all, and the common folk will welcome foreign troops on the streets. At least, that’s the theory. How long before they start arresting people simply for expressing opinions that are contrary to the establishment rulers? How long before they start coming into your home just for suspicion of associating with someone who has expressed an opinion contrary to that of the establishment rulers? With luck it will never happen, but I get the feeling that’s not how this is going to play out. As much as I’d like to see a soft landing, as much as I’d like to see peaceful change, it looks more and more like the powers that be want to see us hit quite a rough patch and they seem to be doing everything in their power to make that happen.
Remember, you have rights, they either violate them, or they respect them. Right now, they are violating them everywhere you turn. You are not left alone. You are constantly monitored and harassed even as you simply go about your daily business. As long as you remain silent, they will consider that silence as consent. As long as you go along to get along, they will consider your compliance as consent. As long as you cheer them on and encourage them to violate the rights of others, they will consider your encouragement as consent. You won’t be cheering so loud when they violate your rights.
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