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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Urban Danger - FULL MOVIE - How to Survive an Economic Depression - Survival & Homestead

 "Urban Danger" [Full Movie] - The problems range from massive chemical exposure to nutritionally empty food. From crime and violence to utter dependence on large corporations for necessities of life. From impure air and water to debilitating levels of stress. And from threatened terrorist attacks to an almost total loss of connection with Nature. While "Urban Danger" does look at some of the problems and hazards facing city dwellers, its main thrust is finding solutions to the problem.

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  1. I, by chance, ran across this video/documentary I think about a yr ago or so. Very very good information. I suggest people, make some popcorn and hot chocolate, take the phone off the hook and set down in the evening and watch this. Thanks for posting.