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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An American Awakening

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. — Thomas Jefferson

There is a new civil war brewing in America. It is a war between the ideological views and opinions of a nation that has been armed with weapons of mass deception by its media, organized by its corporatist favoring, senatorial generals; and we the people, who care only for freedom and liberty to survive the desired destruction, sell off and mass imprisonment of our nation’s people and their futures.

Much like the first Civil War, this new struggle is centered upon the philosophy of one side supporting the desire to empower landowners and their merciless treatment of its labor force, and those who support empowering the people and reviving the liberty we fought so hard to gain so many years ago. The difference now, though, is how the sides have been drawn not with geographic distinctions, but with those of class separations. As in the case of the first Civil War; the winner will take all.

This new war has been predicated by the reality that with each passing day, we are discovering, uncovering and become more aware of the deception and hypocrisy infecting our current governmental and social systems. It has become painfully obvious that our own governmental representatives -- the very people who have been charged with and have sworn oaths to protect our interests -- have taken to propagating an agenda which is contradictory to our American interests.

The awakening of the people is bringing with it a united voice of dissent that will eventually echo within the corruption-poisoned halls of this once great nation; a herald of renewal which will once again refresh the Tree of Liberty. One can only hope it will resonate to such a degree that our representatives will have no other choice but to listen, or else be cast aside.

We are being inundated daily by the political rhetoric of job creation and quasi-fiscal responsibility, while more and more jobs are being cut in the public sector. Simultaneously, our “National Defense” initiatives, along with the greed intrinsic within our growing corporatist system, are taking from us our very economic and physical freedoms. Governmental policies are now being set in place to prevent the unemployed and the homeless from receiving help, and anyone who attempts to deliver relief from this assault are being harassed and jailed for their efforts.

Once upon a time, America was the land of opportunity. We lived in a nation where a strong work ethic was rewarded with prosperity, and our leaders provided the comforts of international security. But, now, as this country is being sold piece by piece at the hands of bureaucrats whose only interest lies in the profits of self service and damaging global free trade, the new order has taken a tight grasp upon the throats of our liberty. As a consequence, our nation is suffocating.
This assault on our communal liberty is taking place on two fronts: The political, governmental regime interested in monetary acquisition and control of global capitalism; and the religious side, whose role is to quell any uprising from the people by blinding them with Biblical tenets and a renewed faith in God so they will accept the oppressive system delivered unto them. The politicians involved in this masquerade parade around as saviors, while in the background they only serve the corporatist machine and themselves. The term for this form of government is a Kleptocracy: A government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.

Just recently, President Obama has been pushing through Congress a free trade agreement with Panama. The same rhetoric that sold NAFTA is being implemented to sell this similar policy. It is interesting that in 2008, during a campaign speech, Obama condemned free trade as detrimental to jobs, but he is now promoting its implementation. Similarly, Republicans like John Beohner, Speaker of the House, make speeches about protecting the American Dream with tears in his eyes while condoning the shut down of schools, elimination of assistance for the unemployed and homeless, as well as corporate tax breaks to feed the same evil that caused our economic meltdown.

The political parties in Washington will have us all at each others throats with the rancid regurgitation of night-before news media bias, while they continue to take from us a little more each day. The insanity of the deception employed by our “leaders” has enveloped our society in a cloud of frustration and desperation. Those of us who make efforts to sort through the avalanche of information on the Web and in popular media, as well as books and newspapers, have been trying to grasp the reality of our current nation, but instead of reason we find only more confusion.

The sad reality is that corruption is crippling our liberty; and our current, State and Federal Governmental representation is no longer looking out for the People, but, rather, the corporations only. The Supreme Court -- the very institution which has been charged with the preservation of our Constitutional freedoms -- has assisted in the continued loss of governmental representation, and continues to do so with every decision they make in favor of the Corporatist State.

The truth is slowly being discovered and the We the People are becoming all too aware of the decay of our governmental structure. People everywhere are starting to ask whether our government’s time has come to an end and a refreshing of our system is now necessary. Even those who have supported our government through the worst acts of deception (the War on Terror, for one), are making statements in condemnation of the growing class disparity and damaging effects of free trade being enacted by the current regime in Washington within the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches.

The question remains though: Will this awakening occur in time to prevent the death of our Republic or will the sheep-like denizens of America follow blindly the policies of madmen toward the ruin of this once great nation? If the former occurs first, then America still has hope of retaining its greatness, but if the latter is allowed to foment further degradation, the Fall of The American Empire will supplant that of the Roman as the greatest tragedy in the history of the world.

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  1. The FRBNY handled $8.4 trillion from the Treasury auctions of securities last year with no revelation of where the money was destined. It is assumed to be pure profit not reported to Congress and has the appearance of embezzlement. Mr. Geithner should be asked where the funds went before raising the National debt limit to give more money to the Fed.

    The funds to the Fed will be used to continue the economic benefit for Wall Street and international bankers which have benefited from QE1 and QE2---but now the Fed has apparently run out of money. The frenzy of desperation is apparent.

    Evidence supporting the above statements, and the projected future for the U.S. pasted below, is posted on the internet at and and numerous additional sites as RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE.