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Monday, April 11, 2011

Economic Collapse by Summer 2011 as a Result of Japan Crisis

Micheal Ruppert talks about the forthcoming economic collapse from effects of the Great Japanese Earthquake. Surviving the Economic Collapse - Beyond Food Storage
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  1. Micheal Ruppert seems sure. Others do also. Some people keep crying wolf. (Lots more than three times.) Others have been right. Quite a lot. Maybe he is as well. (That's scary.)

  2. We would do well to heed these warnings. Better to be prepared than sorry if it happens.

  3. The dollar can be tendered for circulation legally only within the jurisdiction of the continental United States. Any attempt to impose the currency on the outside world though threat, or manipulation or both is reflective of an uncivil culture and society.
    And any attempt to coerce the same through military might is outright criminal. History has never been kind to people who are criminals however white they may be.

  4. Lindsey Williams is say a lot about what will happen. The 'elite' are apparently telling him what will happen. He is on Alex Jones a lot. This April 2011 he has said a lot. Shawn connery says in a movie, "Never underestimate your opponent. Never accept anything he has to offer." In the book, 'The 48 Laws of Power', there is a law that states to 'lead your enemies on wrong trails, so that when they finally figure out what you are doing, it will be too late'.