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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Emergent: Six Nuclear Meltdowns Possible From Japan Quake Damage

It is being reported today that the possibility exists for six nuclear reactors in Japan to have catastrophic melt down.

If these reactors can not be cooled sufficiently a core meltdown is a very real possibility. If this disaster is not contained it may spew dangerous radioactive particles into the jet stream where the particles will contaminate all life in the pacific and the western shores of Canada and the United States (Click on the Side map for possible senario).

Needless to say this would be a catastrophic event. We will be watching these developments very closely and pray the Japanese officials have success.

See latest news from RT below.

The greatest danger to human life in this disaster is the uptake of radioactive iodine that is produced from these emergencies.

The body naturally absorbs iodine and stores it in the thyroid gland for future thyroid hormone production. Once the body has satisfied iodine storage it will not take up further iodine. If the body stores this radioactive Iodine it will result in the death of the thyroid gland and possible cancer and bone marrow failure causing anemia or lack of blood production and loss of immunity to fight infection from even harmless organisms.

In the event of Nuclear emergency it is important to add iodine to the body before exposure to prevent internal radiation damage.

I have looked at the current internet supply of Potassium Iodide disappear very quickly. There are, however, natural alternatives that can supply you with protective physiological Iodine.

Plants, especially sea vegetation such as, from highest concentration to lowest:






Other more common but lower concentrations of terrestrial sources of Iodine are:

Potato skins,



navy beans,

dairy products.

Natural Iodine Kelp Source

You may want to check our older article for more Nuclear preparedness information here at

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