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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Demonic Corpacracy In the United States

It is time that Corporations start treating the Gods of their creation a lot better than they have been? The media would have you believe that the Chinese or folks in India, or some far off land, are the reason for unemployment in this country. They would even have you believe that these foreign people, love making shotty products that break as soon as you get them home because they are the ones that want you to run out and buy more so they can keep their jobs. You might even believe that these forigners are deliberatly trying to poison you through addition of toxins in the manufacture of these imported products because they hate your freedoms. I hate to break it to some of you who may still be stuck in the belief that the propaganda you have been fed is true, but it is not.

So who is to blame? Maybe it's those radical Muslims? wrong again. Well, maybe it's those darn progressive liberal and labor unions that have killed this countries economy? Although labor unions are certainly just as full of corruption as government, many union people I have known over the years are hard working Americans hoping to gain some sense of prosperity for themselves and their children, as you and I, in a land of the American dream. I find that morally, they should have the right to bargain a salary with their employers, as you should have the right to do with yours. What about the illegal immigrants that use up our social services? To blame the poor and disenfranchised is short sighted and the mark of someone who obviously does not see the big picture. It must be the fault of those greedy TEA "baggers"? Also a short sighted view, as most folks that belong to the TEA party are truly concerned about individual freedom and choice and resist the control of government in their life. Many in the TEA party understand that government is corrupt and shake their heads in disbelief that their progressive liberal friends would ask such a corrupt entity to control the actions of free men. It is a well documented military strategy called divide and conquer at play here. They would rather have you at eachothers throats than allow you to see who the real enemy is.

So who is to blame? It is the Corporations that your society has created and the International Banking interests that control the Federal Reserve and global Central Banking that are truly responsible for all these things and the endless conflicts across the globe we currently struggle with.

Corporations are simpley legally created entities, and as such, owe their existance to the people of whom the legal system belongs to. Government corruption, through contributions and payoffs, has allowed these legally created entities, run by megalomaniacal sociopaths, to usurp the will of the people for the profit and power of the few at the expence of the many. These are the people that have received the bailouts, these are the people who profit from oil and stocks more than anyone involved on Wall Street. They are the ones that make rules that control you. Don't beleive it? What is your credit score? has it gone down because you havn't made your payments on time, or wait, have you made them too quickly? As the golden rule on Wall Street goes, "Those that have the Gold make the rules".

The corruption goes so deep that the Supreme Court of the United States itself has granted them personhood and rights as persons and with such rights, interfere in the writing and approval of legislation that effects every person in this country. Look at how just the oil industry rewrote the laws of clean air and clean water to enable them to usurp those laws in order to profit. The legislative branch or Congress of the United States has passed laws that give these Corporations the ability to use loopholes that have been made for them to allow them to get out of paying taxes in the Trillions that you and I have been unconstitutionally forced to pay. Then these Corporations use this wealth to buy cooperation for their self centered agenda.

Through the mask of free trade, they have also been allowed to take advantage of the poorest populations in the world all for the sake of control, profit and power at the expense of the productivity and happiness of the people who's system has given them life. It is corporate control of the middle east and it's resources that have fanned the flames of radicalism in Islam today. If we allow ourselves to look beyond our long held prejudices and misconceptions we will find that the real reason we are losing our freedoms to terrorism is more about Corporate foreign policy than purely about radical Islam. If we choose to really examine history we will find that the same words that are being used to describe Islam were used to describe the Japanese during WWII. The faces have changed but the words stay the same.

I find it quite interesting that the Fourteenth Amendment, the Amendment that was suppose to protect minorities with equal protection under the law has been the legal tool used to slowly enslave us all under Corporate rule. It is the Fourteenth Amendment that has been used countless times to argue in court that Corporations should be protected as persons and the basis for the Supreme Court decision allowing Corporate personhood. Just as the "law" made a person into a thing, as in slavery, it has now made a thing into a person, against our own good common sense and decency as a civilization. Remember the legal mantra, "It might not be right, but it's legal". However, also remember that everything that was done in Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler, was also legal.

Speaking of Law, our founding fathers had a certain perspective on taxation. The prism from which they viewed taxes was based on the inequities of the British taxation system. Hence, although no state could survive without the ability to raise money through taxation, that taxation should be equitable and fair across the board. Taxation was based on percentage of profit and in the early United States you could only profit from real property or Capital (also known as the means of production). Income from ones own physical labor was seen, not as profit, but trade or barter of time and was never subject to direct taxation.

Pollock v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Company, 157 U.S. 429 (1895)was a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the unapportioned income taxes on interest, dividends and rents imposed by the Income Tax Act of 1894 were, in effect, direct taxes, and were unconstitutional because they violated the provision that direct taxes be apportioned. The decision was allegedly nullified in 1913 by Sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, curiously the same year as the creation of the evil Federal Reserve Sytem. To this day there is some disagreement about the actual ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment. The only entity that should pay federal taxes are the corporations themselves as is outlined in the Constitution, however, their failure to pay, is an injustice to all Americans.

Income tax, and with it, The IRS, as we can plainly see from the writings of our founding fathers, should be outlawed altogether because of it's intrinsic immorality and unconstitutionality. I would remind the reader that although there are many in legal circles and academia that would say the constitution should be left to legal scholars, the Constitution was written as a guide for the average citizen of the rules in which their government should operate. The Federal Reserve's control of the Value of our currency is also unconstitutional because our founding fathers did not intend for us to pay interest on our own money.

Being that Corporations are our creations of our society, there must be some ground rules to their continued existence. They must employ people from the country whose laws created them and must adhere to the laws that the people have created and they must not have say in this process because they are not entitled. Only private individuals are free to conduct business as they please as long as the rights of people are not violated in doing so. Corporations are not people and must be treated as useful work animals for the benifit of society. Injustice anywere is a threat to justice everywhere.

When the avenues of peaceful change disappear, the people will have no choice than resort to violent change in order to ensure their God given right to Liberty and Justice. That time is coming to an end.

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