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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do Not Allow Your Republic To Die Without A Fight

by NewAmericaNow

What defines the United States of America from any other country on the planet is our unique Constitution and Bill of Rights. A Constitution which protects the pursuits of the almighty soverign individual and attempts to confine the power of government to play a significant but very defined role in our society and life. Some would argue that the Constitution is an outdated document from a time long past, and has little value in our modern world. Some legal scholars may even make statements that the common man should not discuss Constitutional law because he/she has no formal training in discussing such a thing. I would strongly disagree on both points because the Constitution was written just for you and I.
I would also take the position that the Constitution is NOT a living document who's meaning changes with time. The Constitution's intention and reason for being should stand for all eternity as an example of a peoples courageous stand against tyranny from a despotical government and a warning to future despots.
Through the course of history, human behavior still suffers from the same frailties and predjudices that our forefathers were quit familiar with. Although, misguided modifications were made over the years, the original document stands as a beacon of light in an otherwise increasingly darkening world.

The United States of America was created by enlightened but frustrated rational men. These men were frustrated by an increasingly intrusive and despotical government. Our forefathers understood that government must derive it's power from it's people and should always be for the benefit of its citizens. Whenever that government should becomes destructive to that purpose, it is the right and duty of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government that would fulfill the original intention.

Today, I tell you with certain certainty, that the government of the United States of America and many of the governments of the western world no longer serve their original intentions. Although, the reasons for their dysfunction are many, it is the nature of government that makes them inherently imperfect and subject to corruption. As history proves to us again and again, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Today in America, men and women of questionable aspirations are preselected by powerful self serving forces and presented to the American people who are given no other choice but to choose between representative treachery from the right and treachery from the left. Elections in this country are mired with the perceived intent to divide Americans along personal, moral and philosophical lines.

When in office these self serving legislators obsolve themselves of their oath and responsibility for acting in the public's interest and instead allow the writing of all important legislation to be perverted and adulterated by entities that use the opportunity to write what will benefit them alone, even if it be contrary to the will of the very people in which government is supposed to derive it's power .

The public is willfully mislead on matters from those of national security to the very counting of unemployment figures. The public is deceived into regulating the actions of free adult citizens in the name of public safety only to pervert the authority we have once placed in their hand by harrassing it's citizens to comply. A simple act of cooking for someone or caring for someone's child for compensation or not, now made a crime without appropriate governmental say so. Common place is, the purposeful misleading of the public through the language of government double speak. Today's legislation, it seems, is often given a name that is directly opposite of it's true intention to deceive those who foolishly trust the action of government into supporting the legislation solely on it's stated name.

Our very police has been bought and paid for with our own money and used against us by enforcing orders that run counter to the very freedoms they swore an oath to protect. The police now working against the free individual by agressive intimidation and arrest of our citizens merely trying to bring justice to injustice through peaceful protest as is their right and duty.

In the courts and every level of the judiciary, all the way up to the United States Supreme Court, Judges with unknown motivations uphold decisions that grant personal civil rights to legislatively created persons while further usurping the public interest and ruling against the average citizen at almost every opportunity.

Our press, whom we have historically relied upon to shine the light of truth on the evils of corruption, has even become a mere shadow of it's former self, manipulated by this plague of corporate power. Instead our news entertains, amuses and distracts from the real issues and has become a tool of government propaganda to reassure the trusting masses that everything is fine and the powers that be have it all under control.

The biggest travesty of all is that of the control of our very currency. Our currency is in the hands of international power brokers who do not answer to the public. The Federal Reserve run by foreign entities are solely interested in controlling society through the creation of money out of thin air and demanding interest on their phantom creation thus causing financial slavery of those unfortunate to have found themselves in debt. Nearly every treasury secretary in modern time has come from the Federal Reserve or one of it's controlling Banks (Goldman-Sachs) to the detriment of the American dollar and it's people, described by the IRS (a branch of the treasury) as asset units. It makes one wonder if the financial crisis we face today, was intentionally caused to gain more power and control. Money they can print, but power is something else. When the economy does collapse under the weight of fiat debt, and after much pain, will those forces claim to bring fourth the solution through global government and world currecy when it was they who caused that very crisis? As once was said in greece, beware strangers bearing gifts.

So, how can we as rational human being turn our backs and ignore the dysfunction of this country and the world. What kind of country will you leave your children. Will they someday ask you from the bonds of slavery "Why didn't you do something back then ?". I promise, I will never have to say that to them ever, because I have not yet begun to fight and I am not alone. I will continue to be heard till god himself silences me. Doing nothing is the same as working against your own people. Remember, all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

A story comes to mind about a little bird who loved his beautiful forest very much. One day a bolt of lightning sets the forest ablaze sending all it's inhabitants fleeing from the fire. Well this little bird was not going to allow his beloved forest to burn down around him. The bird quickly flew to the waters edge , filled his tiny beak with as much water as it could hold. He flew time and time again over the inferno with more and more water, hour after hour, with determination and love in his heart. The heavens were so moved by his act of love and selflessness that the heavens began to cry. Under the force of the rain the fire was finally extinguished. Never let it be said that the individual has no power, because you never know who will be moved into action as a result.

Be active, protest, blog, comment, vote, educate yourself, repeal bad legislation and be prepared to defend your rights and your children's rights. Do not let them destroy your Republic. A Republic by and for the People. Although it's stipes may be torn and it's colors faded America does not live on a flag, it lives in our hearts. Long live the Republic!!!

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