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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque and American Freedom

by NewAmericaNow

It seems that, Ron Paul and I have the same view on the ground zero mosque. The United States of America ideally is supposed to be a nation with laws that apply to everyone equally. The reason why this country was founded as a Republic and not a Democracy is because; our founding fathers in their infinite wisdom did not want tyranny of the majority.

If we should allow government to tell the owners of the property in question that they can not build or do what the private owners of the property see fit with their own private property then we condemn everyone of us, to a country that allows government more power over the individual and his or her private possessions.

The reason that many of us protest and resist today is because, government has slowly overstepped its bounds, yet many of those same protesters, still call for government intervention when the finger points at someone else. Freedom does not work for all, if it only works for some.

The ground zero mosque is a property rights issue and nothing more. Should we ban the building of churches near the Oklahoma City Federal Building because, Timothy McVeigh was a Christian? Of course not.

There is some evidence that this controversy was stimulated covertly by elements of US intelligence, but whether that's true or not, can not be supported. It wouldn't be the first time that emotional issues turned into bad legislation. My biggest point is that in a free country everyone must be allowed the same rights. I think that pursuing this type of Islamophobia is dangerous to our own freedoms and shows a level of intolerance that I, as a freedom loving American, can not support. Thank You.


  1. Well said, The constitution states Rights given to man by his creator whom ever that maybe. It is unconstitutional to deny anyone their God given rights in the United States! Which means those rights are not only for US citizens but for every man, woman and child in every land!

    We must stand against the "Divide and Conquer" measures used against us by the government and media to take back control of the current tyrannical government. By the People for the People, We the people! If we don't stand on the moral ground of helping everyone keep their RIGHTS then we have no legal grounds when the government comes knocking on our doors taking away all our freedoms! You don't have freedom unless you fight to maintain your freedoms! Example: Hate Speech legislation would be used to KILL Freedom of Speech! Does that sound like a good idea? God, I hope not!

    Don't think it can happen? It starts in the name of our safety! Seat belts, helmet and food safety laws to name a few. Watch this youtube video to see how the mega corporations are going to put small farmers out of business in the name of our safety! BS it's about control and money! Watch and stop this bill!

    God helps us we're going to need it!

  2. I'm not gonna beat around the bush here, Either you are free or you are not. The law has nothing to do with it. I have rights as a human being. I'm going to exercise them. If you obey all the laws in this country, then you are certainly not free. There are too many mala prohibita laws here. In other words, victimless offenses. Acts which cause no harm, but are forbidden anyways. Being required to carry your papers because if you don't you could be detained by police as a suspicious person... Ihre papire bitte...

    If you were free, you would not care what some stuffy old pharts in DC thought. You'd go on with your life and ignore the old buzzards.

    ~Ramen Fiend

  3. Funny how Republicans like Fordman84, Hammerdown, OnlyCrimson, and ChicagoIrish on SportsHoopla love the constitution except the parts they dont like.