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Sunday, November 16, 2014

9 Of The Biggest Myths People Believe About 'The System'

Guest Post by Simon Black

Years ago, an elderly, frail Japanese martial arts master once boasted a 200-0 record against his opponents.

He claimed to have a unique power that allowed him to inflict serious injury on people without actually laying a finger on them.

Was it Chi? Magic? None of the above. It was a total scam. But that didn’t matter.
You see, the legend of the master’s powers turned out to be far more powerful than reality.
His core following of students believed in the master so much that they would fling themselves across the dojo whenever he raised his pinky finger.

And anyone who saw the display would become transfixed by the perception of the mater’s extraordinary abilities. It was an incredible case of mass delusion.

Everyone believed it, including the master himself. He was so confident in his skills that he put up a $5,000 challenge that he could beat any fighter in the world.

A mixed martial arts champion accepted the wager, and the result wasn’t pretty.

As you can see in the video, the master is quickly knocked to the ground with a broken nose and a pool of blood. Observers scramble to find a doctor to come to his aid.

You can almost hear the sound of reality quickly taking hold from the gasps of his students. No one could bring themselves to believe that the master had been so quickly beaten.

To an outsider, it seems so obvious that this guy is a phony (just watch the video). But mass delusion is an incredibly powerful force.

We see the same effects in the West today—mass delusions everywhere.

People seem to believe their governments are almighty beings capable of performing magic—water into wine, debt into wealth.

Here are some of the biggest myths we see in the system today:

1. The dollar will continue to be the dominant currency.
This is a total farce. Grumblings grow louder around the world to establish a new non-dollar financial system, and China has taken the lead to make this a reality.

2. The US is still the dominant military power in the world.
If you measure by the quality of trained personnel, this is true. But what good is all of that military power if you can’t afford to do anything with it?

3. The police exist to protect the people.
Wrong again. With so much civil asset forfeiture taking place at the point of a gun (federally funded assault rifles), it’s clear they’re far more concerned about protecting those that maintain the status quo than protecting you.

4. Elections make a difference
Completely false. Most Western governments borrow money to pay interest on the money they’ve already borrowed.
In the US, they spend so much on mandatory entitlements and interest they could eliminate almost the entire government and still not run a balanced budget.
At that level of desperation, it matters not who’s in power.

5. Your bank is safe
Your bank might HAVE a safe. But if you look at objective data, many banks in the West have incredibly thin levels of capital and liquidity—the exact opposite of what a safe bank is supposed to have.
Oh yeah, they’re backed by poorly capitalized deposit insurance funds, which are guaranteed by insolvent governments.
And bear in mind that even if your bank is reasonably capitalized, you are still guaranteed to lose money on a tax adjusted, inflation adjusted basis if you you’re holding your savings there.

6. You have to go to college in order to get ahead
Quite the opposite—going to college in many cases can get you behind; just ask any 36-year old still paying down that $100,000 student loan debt.
The world is a big place full of opportunity. Skills and experience matter more than pieces of paper.
Here’s a better option, especially for young people: head overseas, and become an apprentice to a successful, knowledgeable individual that you respect.
Any young person who thinks that going to college is a good idea should just ask any of their unemployed friends saddled with $100,000 of debt if it was worth it.

7. I saw it on TV so it must be true.
Ufff. The mainstream media exist to paint a distorted version of reality so that people are kept placated, docile and largely clueless about what really goes on in the world.

8. Debt doesn’t matter because we owe it to ourselves
Whoever first said this must have a lot of whips and chains in his closet because he seems to enjoy pain.
If we owe the debt to ‘ourselves,’ that means that we will need to default on ourselves.
This means no more Social Security, Medicare, etc. It means causing the US Federal Reserve to become insolvent and spark a currency crisis. It means causing the collapse of every bank in the country.
Sure, no biggie.

9. The United States is the Land of the Free
Draconian surveillance efforts on its citizens. Punitive taxes, fines and regulation. Rising police state. Telling people what they can or can’t put in their bodies, how to grow their food, who to adore, who to hate. Preventing them to collect their own rainwater and live off the grid.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Public School: A Conspiracy Against Ourselves

"Solve this problem and school will heal itself: children know that schooling is not fair, not honest, not driven by integrity. They know they are devalued in classes and grades,1 that the institution is indifferent to them as individuals. The rhetoric of caring contradicts what school procedure and content say, that many children have no tolerable future and most have a sharply proscribed one. The problem is structural. School has been built to serve a society of associations: corporations,
institutions, and agencies. Kids know this instinctively. How should they feel about it? How should we?"

A short video based on John Taylor Gatto's book, The Underground History of American Education.

Arranged and edited by Brett Veinotte

This excerpt is from Chapter Sixteen: A Conspiracy Against Ourselves, Section 1: "Two Social Revolutions Become One,"

Thursday, November 6, 2014

If You Really Think It Matters Which Party Controls the Senate, Answer These Questions

Guest Post by Charles Hugh Smith

Please don't claim anything changes if one party or the other is in the majority. Anyone clinging to that fantasy is delusional.

If you really think it matters which political party controls the U.S. Senate, please answer these questions. Don't worry, they're not that difficult:

1. Will U.S. foreign policy in the Mideast change from being an incoherent pastiche of endless war and Imperial meddling? Please answer with a straight face. We all know the answer is that it doesn't matter who controls the Senate, Presidency or House of Representatives, nothing will change.
2. Will basic civil liberties be returned to the citizenry? You know, like the cops are no longer allowed to steal your cash when they stop you for a broken tail light and claim the cash was going to be used for a drug deal.
Or some limits on domestic spying by Central State agencies. You know, basic civil liberties as defined by the Bill of Rights and the U.S. constitution.
Don't make me laugh--you know darned well that it doesn't matter who controls the Senate, Presidency or House of Representatives, nothing will change.
3. Will the predatory, parasitic policies of the Federal Reserve that virtually everyone from the Wall Street Journal to what little remains of the authentic Left understands has greatly increased income and wealth inequality be reined in? Please don't claim either party has any will or interest in limiting the Fed's rapacious financialization. There is absolutely no evidence to support such a claim--it is pure wishful thinking.
4. Will the steaming pile of profiteering, corruption, waste, fraud and ineptitude that is Sickcare in the U.S. be truly reformed so its costs drop by 50% to match what every other developed democracy spends per person on universal healthcare? It doesn't matter if ObamaCare is repealed or not; that monstrosity was simply another layer of bureaucratic waste on an already hopelessly dysfunctional system.
If you answer "yes," please run a body scan on yourself to detect the biochips that were implanted while you voted Demopublican.
5. Will the influence of Big Money be well and truly banned from politics? If you answer yes, please pick up your tin-foil hat at the door.
6. Will the incentives in the Status Quo be reset to punish rapacious financialization and gaming the system and reward productive investment and labor? Before you answer, check out who's buttering the Senators' bread. Hint: Wall Street does not qualify as productive unless we're talking about the production of life-draining parasites. Virtually none of the vast armies of skimmers and scammers, from those pursuing bogus disability claims to lobbyist leeches, will suffer any consequence.
Moral hazard is the Status Quo's Prime Directive.
7. Will anything be done to dismantle the Neofeudal Debt-Serfdom known as student loans? You are delusional if you think either party has any interest in limiting the predation of an academic Upper Caste that came to do good and stayed to do well.

8. Will any prudent assessment be made of unaffordable weapons systems like the F-35 Lightning--$1.5 trillion and counting for aircraft that will soon be matched by drones that cost a fraction of the F-35's $200 million a piece price tag? No way--parts of those insanely costly jets are made in dozens of states, so the pork is well-distributed. Never mind the plane is lemon, built to fight the wars of the past. It's jobs, Baby--that's all that counts. Never mind the $1.5 trillion--we can always borrow another couple trillion--the Fed promised us.
Do you really think the Senate controlled by either party will ask why the F-35's price tag dropped to $120 million from $200 million? That's easy--the revised estimate left out the engine and avionics. They'll be added back in after the Senate approves open-ended funding.
If none of these key dynamics will change, you got nothing. Please don't claim anything changes if one party or the other is in the majority. Anyone clinging to that fantasy is delusional.
If you doubt this, please take the above quiz again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Selfish, Ignorant Citizens Make For Selfish, Ignorant Politicians"

George Carlin explains why he doesn't complain about politicians... "this is all we have to offer, garbage in, garbage out" Maybe, he chides, it's not the politicians, "the public sucks, f#$k hope!"

And my more serious explanation of WHY we are headed to a full blown collapse despite people voting.
Historically speaking, first it happens slowly, then without warning, all at once.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Shadow Government: Of, for and by the Powers That Be

Guest Post By Dr. Richard Sauder
Obedience to the government, and trust in its directives, is instilled in us by the mainstream culture our whole lives. As school children, and in our university studies, we are taught about the formal structure and function of government. We are taught to accept without question what the government says and does, and to believe in its essential goodness, honesty and trustworthiness.

But part of growing up is the realization that reality is far divorced from the official story that was drilled into our heads as children and young adults.

The truth is that in the USSA, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Germany, Egypt, Israel, Australia and virtually every nation all over the world, there is a secret, or shadow government that secretly pulls strings behind the scenes. The shadow government operates outside the bounds of the law and the formal constitution of the government. It is often massively funded by so-called “black budget” finances, or off the books funding that may be raised by a variety of means, including, but not limited to:
1) narcotics, weapons or human trafficking;
2) outright theft, embezzlement or transfer of national or state resources by illegal, criminal procedures;
3) plunder of other nations’ resources in warfare;
4) fraudulent conversion of national treasury assets under color of unconstitutional laws or regulations that are wrongly presented to the public as being lawful; or
5) via massive interventions in markets of various sorts through “front” companies and clandestine, market rigging.

Understand that all of the foregoing is carried out by a wide variety of government officials, including kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers, members of parliaments and other representative, elected bodies, secretaries of national government departments, high ranking military officers, heads of national central banks, and other prominent officials. Intelligence and military agencies are heavily involved in the shadow government. In the American system the CIA, NSA, FBI, NRO and a whole host of Pentagon and other government agencies play a huge role in the unconstitutional, shadow government. A similar arrangement prevails in many other countries.

The shadow government has strong ties to organized crime. Criminal syndicates and operatives such as the Sicilian Mafia (“La Cosa Nostra”), the Japanese Yakuza, Mexican and Colombian narcotics cartels, Chinese Triads, Afghan opium warlords, the Russian- Ukrainian-Israeli Mafia and the Israeli Mafia, to name just a few of many, have secretive ties to governments, intelligence agencies and military organizations, at many levels, all over the world, who use them for money laundering, assassinations, movement of contraband across borders, garden variety criminal operations, narcotics, weapons and human organ and human trafficking, and more. 
Because of government and mass media propaganda, many people are blinded even to the reality of the existence of the shadow government, much less its massive criminality. But it’s time to wake up and see the reality for what it is. The government of the USSA is not what the people of the world have been told, and the same goes for many other governments. We, the so- called ordinary peoples of the world, have been massively lied to.

In 1964, at the height of the Cold War, David Wise and Thomas Ross wrote a book about the secretive machinations of the American government, entitledThe Invisible Government, in which they described the “interlocking, hidden machinery that carries out the policies of the United States…” In 1973, Fletcher Prouty, a U.S. Air Force Colonel and former liaison officer between the USSA Air Force and the CIA, issued his own book which went even further:The Secret Team: the CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and The World. Prouty revealed that the Secret Team is a powerful, brutally violent, treacherous, international octopus, with many tentacles of influence that extend throughout the world. It has its operatives in many countries (Americans and non-Americans too) in universities and academic institutes (scholars, professors), in intelligence agencies (spies), in military agencies (enlisted personnel and officers), in private industry (businessmen and businesswomen), in the world of finance (bankers, stock brokers, financiers), in the news media (journalists, television personalities), in publishing (book editors). Prouty characterizes this Secret Team as the “real power structure” in our world.

Understand that he is talking about a rogue, out of control, international organization that is massively funded, has access to any computer data base, has cutting edge technology, has access to any technical expertise or personnel that it needs and that is also ruthlessly violent. It uses the government of the USSA and other countries as camouflage to hide and disguise its activities. Other similar books have appeared in recent decades. Former British MI-6 agent, Dr. John Coleman, has written his own exposé of the shadowy, totalitarian power plays of European royal houses and powerful international factions allied with their interests. Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 outlines a nefarious power bloc very much like Fletcher Prouty’s Secret Team, but revolving around the European royal houses instead of the American CIA.

Shadow Masters: An International Network of Governments and Secret-Service Agencies Working Together with Drugs Dealers and Terrorists for Mutual Benefit and Profit, by Daniel Estulin, also exposes the international, criminal collusion between national governments, intelligence agencies, terrorists, drug traffickers, big business and the banking industry.

Of course, some countries are militarily occupied by others and have a shadow government imposed on them by force. The USSA militarily currently occupies Afghanistan, and also stations military forces in scores of other countries, including in South Korea, Japan and Germany, even though WW II and the Korean War occurred in the mid-20th century, more than half a century ago. China militarily occupies Tibet, it is true, and Israel militarily occupies Palestine, however, over the last half century, the USA has far and away been the primary international aggressor.

In the case of Germany, the former head of West German military intelligence, Gerd-Helmut Komossa has in recent years published a book entitled The German Card: The Hidden Game of the Secret Services (Die deutsche Karte. Das verdeckte Spiel der geheimen Dienste) which reveals that in 1949 the USSA forced the government of West Germany to sign a secret agreement with the USSA that ceded German national sovereignty to the USSA until the year 2099, thus rendering Germany a vassal state to the USSA for 150 years. His book caused a big controversy in Germany, but the premise is obvious. Almost 70 years after WW-II, and approximately 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, after the reunification of West and East Germany, and many years after the collapse of the USSR, the USSA still stations large numbers of military forces on German soil. There are still dozens of American military bases and facilities in Germany. The conclusion is self-evident. Germany is not presently a sovereign nation, almost 70 years after the end of WW II. And yet this glaring truth is not officially acknowledged, whether in Germany or the USSA.

The case of Japan is similar. Long after the end of WW-II the USSA still stations 50,000 military personnel on Japanese soil. Sixty years after the Korean war, the American military still has more than 28,000 troops in South Korea. The implications for Japanese and South Korean sovereignty, or lack thereof, are crystal clear.
This does not even take into account the unknown thousands of personnel in unknown numbers of secret underground and undersea bases, the world over, a large number of whom are certainly American personnel, given the enormity of the American Black Budget and the decades-long history of the USSA government’s and military’s involvement in underground and undersea bases R&D and construction, which I have detailed in my books:

Hidden In Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files 
Underground Bases and Tunnels: What Is The Government Trying To Hide?
Underwater and Underground Bases: Surprising Facts The Government Does Not Want You To Know

So forget what you were told in school about how government works. It was in large measure carefully contrived fiction and propaganda.

The reality is something else entirely.

Why I Don't Vote

Guest Post by Larken Rose

Let’s examine the ritual of voting, its purpose, and its insanity.

First, a summary of why I don’t vote:   I won’t give anyone permission to rule me, and I don’t have the right to give anyone permission to rule you.   Clear enough?

Imagine a country in which a self-appointed, self-perpetuating dictatorship were to swipe half of what everyone earns, as well as meddling in every aspect of common life.   For the moment, ignore the fact that this could not be imposed on the country by force (due to the armed populace).   What would your attitude be towards such a regime?   Hatred?   Willingness and eagerness to use force to stop them, and/or exterminate them?   Me too.

So since someone is doing those things to the people here now, why don’t you have that attitude?   Because every two years they let you walk into a booth and press a button?   Whoop-Deedoo.   Don’t you feel mighty as you press that button, before going off to earn more counterfeit money to give to various levels of "government"?   If this looks like freedom to you, then I would also like to "free" you.

Jackney Sneeb and I are going into the “democracy” business.   Here’s how it works: you give us half of what you earn, and if you don’t, we kill you.   But wait! That’s not all!   (If it was, you’d hate us, and possibly kill us.)   Every two years, we will allow you to come to our polling place, walk into a booth, and press either a button that says "Larken Rose" or a button that says "Jackney Sneeb.”   Feel free to swell with pride as you do it, too, and wax eloquent about your patriotic duty.   That’s the whole deal.   For your convenience, you can hand over your cash while voting.

Oh, you say you want that button-pressing to do something?   Like maybe make it so only one of us (whoever gets more votes) has power?   Picky, picky.   You don’t get that now.   Jackney and I will give you just what you get now:   after you choose a button, Mr. Sneeb and I will get together, and decide how to rule you.   You don’t need to know all the details of how we come to these decisions.   Remember, we are representing you when we do it.   Just trust us to look out for your best interests.   (And by the way, you are to blame for whatever we do, because we are only representing you.   It isn’t our responsibility.)

I sense you are not thrilled with this proposal.   Well . . . did you vote today?

"If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain about the results."

Apply that to the deal above, and you will see just how idiotic a statement it is.   But it is a fine propaganda tool to use on the moronic masses.   I can’t count the number of times that people have gone from "if you don’t vote . . ." to "if you’re not doing anything to change things . . ." without even realizing they're talking about two different things.   It’s freaking insane.

This is the essence of the grand delusion.   The current criterion for the Divine Right of Kings is the ballot booth.   We gave up the mythology of swords in rocks, bloodlines, etc., and chose a worse basis for the delusion.   It is entirely a religious belief, and is more bizarre than any other religion I can think of.   At least other religions make up some non-human, divine "authority" to bow to.   The nutcase civil authoritarians instead say that they themselves are the source of the right to rule ("government of the people, by the people, blah blah blah"), and yet are subject to that rule.   They didn’t even bother putting a curtain around that little guy who runs the Wizard of Oz gimmick.   They know there is no substance to it, and they still believe in it.

Here’s a simple question that makes most people freak out: "If you don’t have the right to tax, regulate, and control me yourself, how does your voting give that right to someone else?   (And if you can do it with theft, why can’t you do it with mass murder?) "Uh . . . uh . . . uh . . . it’s the system we have."   Well then let’s go back to the "system" of soggy bitches in puddles flinging weaponry around.   It caused less damage.   Calling a lunatic ritual a "system" doesn’t make it rational.

The power of the United States "government" does not come from force.   It comes from the delusion; the belief that these cult rituals give someone the right to rule.   Not only would the moronic masses not obey if they didn’t have this delusion, but the politicians’ hired thugs wouldn’t be using force if they didn’t have this delusion too (with the exception of a few who would just be honest mercenary assholes).   When you go into that booth, you legitimize this lunacy.   Regardless of who you vote for, you are making it very clear that you believe that this process gives the right to rule -- to rule you and everyone else.

Libertarians who vote often bitch at me for saying this.   But it is extra-loony for them to vote (even ignoring the fact that the basis of their philosophy rules out "government" entirely).   If they know they will lose anyway, why legitimize the ritual that will supposedly grant someone the right to rule them?   "We are making a statement." Yeah, and what a statement it is.   "I don’t really believe in inalienable rights, and I don’t really believe that the initiation of force is wrong."   If a libertarian does believe these things, how does this button-pushing bullshit fit into the equation?

"We believe these truths to be self-evident, that every voter is endowed by the voting booth with certain inalienable rights . . ."   If extortion, under any euphemism ("taxation"), is wrong, and stopping it with force is right (as the premise of libertarianism states), then what the hell is this bizarre election crap?

Why don’t we add the local murderers, rapists, and thieves to the ballot?   Let’s have campaigns for who gets to be the head murderer of the district.   "I promise to murder people more fairly."   All the murderers in the area will decide how the people will choose their new Chief Murderer.   Let’s all get together and vote for Ghandi as Chief Murderer.   That is the proper way to reduce murder.   AAK!

Sometimes libertarians say they are just doing this loony thing in the hopes of making a change without violence.   Go dance around a bonfire with goat skulls.   It will be more effective.   A change can be made without violence, and the first step of that change has to be unmasking all the political cult ritual crap for what it is: crap.   Stop asking the false god of the cannibals to please tell his followers to stop trying to eat you.   He isn’t there, and you’re making an ass out of yourself, while at the same time validating the beliefs of the dickheads who want you on the menu.