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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's Never Been About Russia, Syria, China or ISIS. It's All Been About Maintaining the PetroDollar

 Guest Post by Anonymous

Here's the math:

US needs PetroDollar and Reserve Currency.

To keep PetroDollar, Saudi's need expanding markets and prices.

To keep Reserve Currency US needs Europe.

Europe needs energy security via diversification (this is a Euro initiative, regardless of EU), but involves less dependence on Russia. - Too many energy eggs in one basket.

There have been several attempts to lessen European energy dependence on Russia.

Russia works to defeat those attempts, for obvious reasons.  And the Shia regions of the middle east would also like to replace the sunni Saudis and Qataris in this deal.

1) Baku Tblisi pipeline & South Caucuses pipeline, which was supposed to connect to Ukraine delivery infrastructure via Ukraine.

Russian 2004 response...pushback on Orange Revolution, poisonings, interference in Ukraine internal politics.

2) Baku-Tblisi pipeline & South Caucuses pipeline version 2... reroute pipeline south through Turkey then to Bulgaria.  Ukraine still wants in on this deal, or to be paid for not acting on this deal.

Russian 2008 response, intervention in Ukraine along with forced permanent military basing rights, politicians jailed, political poisonings, assassinations, gas shutoff, invasion of Georgia (terminals pipeline terminals are in Abkhasia).

3) In 2010 ENI sold control of the GreenStream pipeline to the Libyan National Oil Corp - controlled by Qaddafi (who had been funded to do so by Russia).

European (France First) and then US & NATO response: Bomb Libya, support rebels for regime change.

4) Qatar-Turkey pipeline begins in 2012.

Russian response is to defeat the primary route by influencing Syria's Assad to deny Syrian Territory.

Qatari-Saudi-counter-response is the FSA in Syria, and Syrian Civil War.

Turkish counter-response is the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

Iranian counter-counter response is to influence Maliki to deny use of Iraq for alternate route.

Qatari & Saudi counter-counter-counter response is ISIS.

See?  It has nothing to do with Russia per se.  It has nothing to do with Israel.

It has everything to do with the Petrodollar.

Nothing Humanitarian or Moralistic about any of it. America you have been duped and will continue to be duped and your children will continue to be sacrificed at the alter of that petrodollar until you finally open your eyes. Your government is lying to you. Wake up America!

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