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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Obomunism's Make or Brake

Guest Post By Scaliger 
The skillfully played drama of the partial "shut-down" of the USG is about to be complemented on 11 to 13 October, by the "Truckers drive for the Constitution", which has already cobbled-up a million of heavy trucks, aka Riggs [Link].
The background story is of the financial sector, lead by the big banks at Wall-Street, owning the USG and forcing it to mortgage any future of the US public in order to finance the mega Ponzi-scheme those banksters have cobbled-up. This financing started with the QE (Quantitative Easing) scheme and is about to be augmented by Obamacare – straight in to the pockets of the fat cats of the financial sector.
The deeper backgrounder is having disregarded the constitutional manner of money issuance, which is interest-free by the government, in favor of the unconstitutional interest-accruing issuance by the private members of the banking-ring named 'the Federal reserve bank', aka 'the Fed'. This is debt slavery across the country.
Government Shutdown

The essence of the Governmental shutdown is that the Democrats' 'shiny credit card' is now declined [Link], i.e. The debt-limit has been reached. This debt is unconstitutional since it is based on interest-accruing issuance of currency.
Since the debt is unconstitutional, namely illegal, then limiting it is the conduct of protecting the constitution and the people.
The "shut down" is a drama played by Obama in order to misrepresent to the American people the facts of life under a charade of 'bad republicans' having cut-off the sugar addiction. This "shut down" is quite a charade for many reasons detailed in the article: Government Shutdown? 36 Facts Which Prove That Almost Everything Is Still Running [Link].  If Obama wants to feel what a shut-down really feels like, he should expect next weekend's (October 11 to 13) 'One Million Truckers' Ride to Restore Constitution Next Week [Link]. The Truckers organisation is a strong played in American politics ever since Jimmy Hoffa founded the US-wide Truckers organization [Link]. Here's the Truckers' campaign song [Link],
which uses the Ten-code [Link], e.g. '98' which may apply to iPhone users too ;-)
Banking Cleptocracy is American Exceptionalism

Only in the USA do banks own the entirety of Government, which is thus Cleptocratic in the sense of plutocratic corruption down to its core. While Cleptocracy per-se is unconstitutional, the Lobbying system is constitutional,thus leaving a bleeding gap in the constitutional regime structure.
In the UK the banks own much of the Government, but there's the house of lords, which can outrule the recommendations of the house of commons, and there's the sovereign Monarch, a King or a Queen, who can disperse the Parliament and the Chancellor-to-the Monarch aka the Prime-minister.
In continental Europe the the local business sector power-structure is not headed by banks. In the Scandinavian and German speaking countries Industry rules and in the GIPSI(Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland) countries the unincorporated underworld rules. Thus continental Europe is not owned by its bankers.
 Obomunism is Oblivious

The USA faces now a point of no return down the slippery slope of Obomunism, where the number of people who vote for a living, namely who live on tax-payer's benefits, is about to equate and then surpass the number of people of work for a living thus who also pay taxes. With 15% of Americans on food stamps [Link],
and "a quarter of the U.S. workforce is in public service" [Link], the numbers already seem bleak and prone to communism overtaking America via the standard backdoor of Socialism i.e. a nation of docile Poodles.
If allowed to keep on free-wheeling, then Obomunism is bound to bring about a systemic collapse of the economic system, to be immediately followed by means of martial law [Link], imposed by Obama loyalists e.g. 386,000 Foreign Troops Now on U.S. Soil [Link] and Obama Youth Brigade [Link] which is his presidential guard.
Obamacare is Plutocratic Corruption

Obamacare is a designed to benefit the health-insurance companies and is bound to multiply the individual's health insurance costs. The insurance companies are part and parcel of the very same financial ring together with Wall-Street, which keeps on receiving $85 Billion every month now under the QE scheme.
The present mode of QE is based on the Central Bank, aka the 'Fed',  buying up its own Bonds in order to increase their value and by means of propping up a reflation of the real estate market; this QE mode is thus non-perpetual and cannot save the Phony banks for long. To the rescue of the Phone banks come Obamacare which is an enduring mode of QE – by means of feeding directly on the monthly income of the working people.
One should seriously doubt the marriage of Governmental funding with the insurance-business, and rather opt for dropping either party from this equation, i.e. either a competitive free-market of Health-insurance – under non-cartelisation inspection by the Goverment, or a Governmental direct-insurance, which in turn may outsource the CRM (Client Relations Management), but not the financial balance-sheet, to private entrepreneurs. CRM is where the main bulk of the health-management workforce goes, thus CRM should be subjected to competitive employment policies, rewarding the successful and disposing of the inadequate.
Honesty is a necessary condition to every successful management, thus better subject the work force to market criteria and conditions, rather not subject the public to inept provisioning.
Since the government is by far the richest body in the country, it doesn't need the accrued volumes of private-insurer schemes in order to stand to its obligations.
The non-balance items of the Government, which secure its capacity to stand to liabilities it may take in exchange for collecting monthly fees, include vast land mass and the prospective tax revenue potential from corporations and from individuals.
One should not be mislead by a single side of the Governmental balance sheet which state 'Obligations' but rather also look for its assets, which mostly match the obligations, like is clearly demonstrated on the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report).

A "Dry-Government" would be a Government which minimizes the volume of tax-payer's money which flows through its pocket, and rather suffices with overseeing the fairness on the free-market e.g. regulating against cartelisation and conducting the necessary inspections and enforcement in order to achieve fairness. A Dry-Government is th only way to achieve a sustainable thin-government.
Socialism is based on Scare-Mongering

Socialism is based on the impossible premise of a Governmental "Guarantee"  of welfare to the wider public, pretending Money, i.e. Buying power, resulted from assuming "rights" rather not from real-economic productivity.
Socialism embodies Governmental workforce policies, which in turn have never reflected the risk, efficacy and competitiveness inherent to competitive markets, e.g.
1. Market-acceptance of products and services [Link],
2. Requirements volatility [Link],
3. Quick Time-To-Market [Link],
4. Extensive automation turning menial workers redundant.
Thus socialism is a hindrance to buying power, rather not an assurance of which.
One main avenue towards socialism, in both senses of a wet-Government and of a tyranny, is the 'War on Terrorism' which imposes on Americans Arrested-development with regards to the inevitable physical risks in life [Link].

Taking-back America: Private Guns vs. Wall-Street Gangsters

Since the Wall-street gangsters properly appreciate the criticality of the present stage in American history, they attempt to ban the constitutional private gun ownership. Likewise the USG has violated the constitution by means of:
1. Colluding the national guards with the Federal militaries e.g. US-Army and USAF.
2. Deploying US troops on civilian US soil.
3. Deploying foreign troops on US soil.
The only way to recovery: political, economical and social alike, necessarily goes through overthrowing everything Wall-Street and Obomunism are and stand for.
In case Obomunism survives, then the US population will be the one which needs be freed from an oppressive regime, rather not one which may free other nations.
The odds are based on the deep understanding of the useful part of US population, that making a sacrifice at present is indefinitely preferable to being sacrificed indefinitely. Not being bullied by the Government and not falling victim to its childish propaganda, but rather putting the hammer down until it is all over with:
1. Abolishing Obamacare.
2. Defaulting on illegal debt.
3. Ending the 'Fed', in favor of interest-free issuance of currency.
4. Auditing the entire history of the 'Fed'
and putting to conclusive trial and full punishment all felons involved.
5. Dispersing any unconstitutional military deployment.
6. Given the Internet, abolishing the constitutional Lobby system.
7. Impeaching Obomunism altogether.
If this freedom campaign fails, so does the freedom on the Internet and perhaps its availability outside of sanctioned corporations. It is now or never, because push has come to shove.

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