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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Real Consequence of NSA Spying

Besides Edward Snowden, there are two other lesser known NSA whistle blowers that are key to understanding this developing story.

William Binney reveals the how the NSA is capturing and storing almost all domestic electronic communications using Narus devices at key locations on the backbone of the internet (Room 641A & AT&T Leaks). This whole metadata meme is a blatant lie!

Russ Tice has revealed for the first time how the NSA targets and wiretaps US politicians, judges and ranking officers for blackmailing purposes.

Here is the mp3 if you want to skip yt:

This is the bread and butter that journalists should be talking about along with the NSA having direct server access to the largest software companies and the constant lies coming from the government...not where's waldo.

KEY POINT: Politicians are blackmailed and controlled by the military industrial complex to do there bidding or else. Democracy is an illusion, this is what Eisenhower warned us about!

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