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Saturday, December 15, 2012

School Shootings- Don't Be a Victim- Active Shooter Survival Tactics

As a Martial Arts Instructor for 37 yrs, I believe there are always proactive methods to not being a victim. Guns are not the problem at all, society is the problem. We don't ban cars when some people misuse vehicles to kill others in their drunken stupors. We do not ban spoons, forks and knives because some people choose to kill themselves through obesity. Our government has done their citizens a huge disservice by interfering with their ability to legally protect themselves and others in schools, and other locations. One armed teacher could have recently saved 20 children's lives. Our FDA would rather allow antidepressants that have been found to create psychotic behavior in already psychologically compromised individuals than to allow us to protect ourselves. The police can only respond after a crime has been committed and not before or during. The police can not protect you and have no legal obligation to do so. Instead of promoting a society of people that can do for themselves, take responsibility for themselves, they would rather create a dependent population that must rely on the false notion that govt will do it for them. Those who would give up freedom for safety shall have neither. The following video is made by and the Instructor is Alon Stivi an Israeli Special Forces Sgt that now teaches the US Seal Teams. PAY ATTENTION. Only you can save yourself. Be proactive and stop being victims. Realize that governments that disarm their populations ALWAYS in history, and that is ALWAYS turn on their citizens. Choose individual Freedom and you will never fail.

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