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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Problem with America

By NewAmericaNow

What we are seeing is the result of what happens to a people that have allowed a large corruptible system to take care of us for the supposed good of the many. We have given up our own authority over ourselves and placed it in the hands of people who are often bribed by those seeking favor and influence to our detriment. We cling to the hope that those who claim to lead us will solve our many human problems but instead we have given them the power to send armed men to our homes if we do not comply to the demands of others we do not agree with.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and it truly is. Most of what we have done has been because we all truly care about each other. We empower our police to enforce seat belt laws yet they have used this simple thing as a tool to generate money and abuse their authority over the free choice of adults. We give them the authority to keep us safe from badly produced food yet they allow large multibillion dollar corporations to poison us with additives, chemicals and genetic modifications that adulterate the natural world for the profit of others yet small family farms are locked up for selling whole unpasteurized clean milk to people that choose to drink it.

We allow the might makes right mentality and corporate profits to fill our foreign policy and wonder why those in foreign lands hate us as people and find ourselves counting the bodies of our brave soldiers being sent home in boxes to protect our so called freedom. Terrorism is a symptom and one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Yet the government who we look to to solve humanities woes brings us closer to an inevitable extinction.

The answer is personal freedom and self accountability. No one should tell you what to do if you are an adult, no licenses or permits required. Allowing everyone to pursue their own definition of life liberty and happiness is all we need with the only limitation being that in doing so you do not infringe on those rights for another. The only job government should have is not that of player but of referee that provides an impartial stage for us, the players, to govern ourselves. You are innocent until proven guilty and only a unanimous impartial jury of 12 can convict you. No more corporate protections making CEOs unpublishable for negligence, incompetence or criminal intent under the umbrella of corporate law, No special privileges given to banks that allow them to create money out of thin air and impoverish a world in debt. No more meddling in the sovereign affairs of nations who's people must decide their own fate. Equal individual freedom, opportunity and responsibility regardless of wealth, color, or difference.

Nature does not have a top down system but a bottom up system yet their is total harmony in nature. Every organism plays a role and pays the price for error in nature. Learn from nature.

Many will think this is absurd and humans need to be regulated or need a central governing body that tells them what to do and what to think for their own and the greater good. To them I say look at all the current systems we have now from Corporatism, Fascism, democracies, communism and socialism and ask yourself if any of these systems is really working? Their common problem is allowing others to have control over the individual This nation has never really experienced true freedom because it's people have, early on, allowed the government to interpret their rights for them instead of interpreting our rights for ourselves. Slavery ended at the realization that "All men are created equal" yet someone said black folks. Indians, Asian weren't entitled to that right. Never allow someone else to interpret your rights for you.

Imagine if anyone could start a business or venture without a license or permit? how many jobs would be created? Prices would fall, quality would rise as a result of open competition. Imagine if everyone knew if they hurt someone or defrauded them that they would be held criminally responsible? Being held responsible has a habit of making people much more careful and honest. 

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  1. Awesome commentary! Keep it up, our country needs this type of action inducing dialogue. nyquil762