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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Freedom to Choose

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. "
Benjamin Franklin-1759

It is rather remarkable that our Government always wants to do what is best for us even if we don't agree. We have been conditioned to obey or face the conseqences. Wear your seatbelt because it is for your own good and if you don't we will send the law after you and you will pay a fine.

Now it has evolved into an ominous spector. The Swine Flu H1N1 Virus has appeared. It has the genetic make up of the swine, avian and human flu. Some scientists have said it has all the hallmarks of a product of genetic engineering. At its onset we were shown the images of masked mexicans and told of death tolls was quickly climbing. Within several weeks we had casualties here in the United States and the infection spread worldwide.

The fact is that so far, the swine flu is responsible for 522 deaths in the United States. The regular seasonal flu has approximately 36,000 deaths per year. So what is the panic? We are being told that this flu has a chance of being more deadly on its return this winter. Is this science or wishful thinking from a Government that must pay massive amounts of unemployment compensation and medicaid to a population on the verge of revolution? What is this based on?

The Vaccine is being fast tracked to provide for millions of vaccinations by September-October 2009. Schools are being prepared to become vaccination clinics to vaccinate our children with this experimental vaccine. The Government has made it clear that the manufacturers of these products will not be held responsible for injury or death as a result of this swine flu vaccine. The vaccinations will be given 3 times to each child for the desired effect.

Many states are passing ,or in the process of passing, legislation to make these vaccinations mandatory and for those that don't comply a fine of thousands and prison time of one month is being proposed. New Jersey may be the first state to pass such a law. However, it is not surprising since most of the manufacturers of the vaccine call New Jersey home and contribute quite heavily to the local politicians. New York so far is about to make it mandatory for healthcare workers to be vaccinated against the objections from the New York State Nurses Association(NYSA). I find it quite ironic that Benjamin Franklin's home town of Boston would enforce legislation to criminalize the choice of not being vaccinated.

It seems to me that givin the risk assessment, lack of proven virulence and severity of this virus, that all these measures are quite excessively overreactive. I am bye no means against vaccination when it is part of a well thought out and tested method like the MMR vaccination program. The MMR vaccination program has saved countless lives over the years. What I have a problem with is injecting experimental and quite possibly dangerous and harmful vaccination products into healthy and sometimes not so healthy children because of a fear that they will get a flu that they, by all the data, will recover from fine. There also is no tangible evidence that this vaccine will even work.

The Parents in conjunction with their private physician should be the people at the heart of this decision and not the Government or the World Health organization. Even using common sense, if most people are vaccinated and the flu is as bad as they say the only people that will get sick are the people who chose that route and no one else. My mother did say, sense isn't common.

I have spoken to alot of people and the majority are scared to death. However, I hear a rumbling that I have never heard before. Keep in mind I am a peaceful person and never would advocate violence. I have a warning for the Government...If you make vaccinations manditory for people's children it is going to get very ugly, very fast. Remember that the American people are the most heavily armed people on the planet and they know how to use those things. I have heard people threaten to do terrible things to anyone who touches their children and the politicians making these vaccines mandatory. Soldiers have children, police have children. In these troubled times our government should be a source of comfort not fear. Please stand up and peacfully oppose mandatory vaccination for the good of our children and our country. God Bless America.

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